It goes without saying that banks play a vital role in our financial lives. Without banks, our day-to-day life will be affected severely. There is no other option better than banks to save your hard-earned money and earn interest on it. Bank loans are also a boon to us apart from saving money in banks. Bank loans are helpful to fulfill all our needs without any compromise. There is no lack of plus points to define the importance of banking sector for us.

When it comes to banks in India, there are several options. Interest rate on your savings account and loan amount varies from bank to bank. You may definitely want to know about some of the largest banks in India.

Founded in August 1994, the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) is the fifth largest banking network in the country and tops the list when it comes to largest ATM networks in India. It has over 11000 ATM counters. HDFC Bank had 2776 branches and more than 10,490 ATM counters in 1399 cities, as of 2012, when it was crowned to be the Best Domestic Bank in India. It provides great customer support as a private bank. It also has clutter-free and neat and clean website for Net Banking. Hence, it is considered as the largest bank in India.

State Bank of India (SBI)
Established in July 1955 with an aim to provide best banking services to Indian citizens, State Bank of India has over 16000 branches in India and over 8500 ATM counters. This is a government sector bank to provide maximum flexibility and benefits to customers. Recently, six banks have been merged with SBI. However, it lags behind other banks in terms of customer service.

With complete attention to every customer and world-class service, ICICI bank is the best private bank when it comes to number of customers. It is respected to provide quick service and friendly staff. It has over 4600 ATM counters and 1400 branches. It provides the clutter-free internet banking facilities.

It is a multinational bank offers all basic amenities to its customers like Mobile Banking, Net Banking and ATM-cum-debit card. You can even get extra services by paying extra bucks where you won’t have to stand in queue for any banking service. It also has a lot of branches across India and ATM in almost every corner of the city.

Axis Bank
Founded in 1994, Axis Bank has 3171 ATMs across the country and 729 branches in India. It is one of the most anticipated banks in the country. It enjoys huge popularity with amazing customer support and quality of service.

Bank of Baroda
The state-owned bank in India, Bank of Baroda is one of the oldest banks in India. It was founded in 1908. It has more than 2000 ATMs in the country and 4261 branches. It is second largest public sector bank in the country after SBI. It also provides good ATM and customer service. It also has global presence in over 10 countries like UK, USA, and UAE.

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