The concept of tablecloths has moved beyond mere functionality to statements in style. The right tablecloth can add an extra dimension to your dining experience. Today, tablecloths have become more creative in their design. It is the era of playing with a riot of colors and expressing yourself through its style and pattern. Though the style in tablecloth design keeps on changing with time, here are some of the latest trends in tablecloth design to keep in mind before embarking on your next purchase.

Bold and Beautiful

It is time to make way for the bold and beautiful. One of the latest trends these days is tablecloths with bright colors and exquisite patterns to add a lively feel to your meal. If you have chosen minimalistic kitchenware, this is the perfect way to jazz-up the room.

Vintage Patterns

More and more households prefer vintage prints that have ample decor to offer a visual treat. Vintage patterns especially from the 70’s and the 80’s are back in fashion and count among the latest trends in tablecloth design. Any kitchenware you have inherited or those that have an antique look to them would go very well with a vintage pattern tablecloth.

Handmade Tablecloths

Handmade tablecloths are known for their durability. Moreover, handmade tablecloths combine traditional methods with modern art concepts and allow you to bring more charm to your dining space. Bright kitchenware and a handmade tablecloth will add a warm, homely touch to your decor.

3D Design

This is becoming a popular trend in today’s tablecloth design. The 3D elements add a contemporary feel to the dining table and the wide range of 3D prints allow you to choose from a variety of patterns and colors that best defines your style.

Customized Tablecloths

Another popular trend in tablecloth designs is customized tablecloths. A customized tablecloth allows you to choose the shape and pattern of your tablecloth according to your preference. Tablecloths which have traditionally been squares, rectangles or round in shape can now come in the shape of a huge leaf, an animal or in the form of the latest cartoon character that your child loves.

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