The heart is where the home is, and the heartbeat is where the living room is. A living plays a very crucial role in how our day ends or how we start celebrating our weekend or how comfortably we can binge watch our favorite shows.

A living room should be the perfect blend of 3 factors, which are napping, chatting, and entertainment.

We all have a different living room in terms of size and designs and so our tastes and budget. Each type of living room required a different kind of set up. And today in this article I am going to elaborate 5 living room furniture design, so keep on reading to know which style suits your living room, personality, and budget.

1. Traditional Living Room Furniture Design:- This design is for those people who are a true lover of classic style and fall for the beauty of wooden carving on their furniture.
This design consists of living room furniture that is chunky, have a wooden carving of animals and flowers, traditional ring-shaped knobs and solid wood. This living room decoration design is all about elegance and statement-making pieces.

2. Modern Living Room Furniture Design:- This style is the opposite of a traditional living room furniture design. Whereas that style is all about chunky designs this modern living room furniture design is all about thin lines and modesty.
Some people like minimalism and modesty decorations more in their homes than heavy designs. If you are one of those, then this design is perfect for you.
You can see online there are many options available to give your living room that perfect modern touch.

3. Contemporary Living Room Furniture Design:- Contemporary means existing or what is happening today. This style is all about what is currently in vogue. In this design, there is not a fixed style of furniture, as this design is growing and evolving.
Choosing furniture for having this style is all about what is trendy or what is in the moment. Though this style is very experimenting when the furniture chooses well, this can set your décor game on point.
You can add a floral lounge chair as nowadays it becomes trendy to have one. And on the place of the sofa or as an extra seating you can also go for loveseats.

4. Industrial Living Room Furniture Design:- Give your living room a perfect rustic charm by having a living room which is adorned with industrial living room furniture. The furniture features in this design have a blend of metal and wood.
This style is very airy and perfect for any living room and especially small living rooms to make it look bigger even with all the furniture units. This simple and edgy design is also known as loft style, which is very experimental when it comes to decorating it.

5. Bohemian Living Room Furniture Design:- You will not need anything else from decor when you want to pamper your living room from this kind of furniture design. And the best part is there are no rules when it comes to adding this style in your living room.
This design features earthy tones with colorful panels; the key to nailing this style in your living room is the mix and match. And a suggestion to enhance this style when it comes to decorating is don’t overdo anything; you can use lanterns and candles to make your bohemian décor extra special and beautiful.

Conclusion:- These were the top 5 living room furniture designs to choose from. In the end, it's dependent on you that how you want to reflect and put your personality on display.

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