Are you a forgetful person and always trying to figure out how other individuals can recollect so much while you can't? Science has discovered a number of simple methods that can be used for fixing folks with bad memories. Thus, this article is ideal for people wishing to learn about how to memorize quickly.

The loci method

The loci method is known as one of the most widely used memory improvement tips. According to this method, you have to draw a picture of a couple of places within your mind and then use them to recall words and other details. One thing that you need to take care of is to use places which you are familiar with. As an example, you can try to picture shaving cream on your table which will make it easier for you to retrieve it. Likewise, imagine a really large bottle of shaving cream in front of your bathroom mirror. It just takes you a little time to adjust to using the loci method but once you're up and running it really is very useful.

Making connections

Associating or connecting something that is already stored within your mind to something that you just found out will allow you to recollect it more easily. However, convert large amounts of data into smaller portions before you attempt to create any correlations. Consider a situation in which you do not wish to forget a new found friend's name, for that purpose just picture a celebrity of the same name and you won't! That is why remembering the name of that particular person will now be easy since he or she will always remind you of that particular celebrity.


If you wish to quickly learn how to memorize quickly then your best bet is creating mental images. You have to be really high-quality at picturing things within your mind. This is precisely why you need to use as many obvious details as you can. For the sake of an example, imagine a person having an apple for a head just because their head resembled an apple in terms of its structure. It's success as an effective tool for studying has made it extremely popular within students. Students can use this technique to turn data or info into a graph and then try to store that within their heads. Memory professionals have often stated that diagrams are slightly easier for the human mind to decipher and store.

Write it down

Memory professionals state that you can remember things that have been written down more easily than other forms of communication and thus this particular method is a prominent member of the list of adept techniques for memory augmentation. That is why so many folks use flash cards. Most folks, while delivering a speech, tend to hold up flash cards that have particular portions of the speech scripted down on one side and a pointer on the other. The pointer on one side is a single word reminder of what is written on the other side. The brighter the color of the cards, the better it is. Your goal is to memorize the contents of each flash card individually. When you're done with the first, move on to the second and so on.


One of the oldest tricks in the book is to read whatever it is that you want to memorize out loud because that promulgates memory development. Using flash cards, try to memorize the contents of each by reading them out loud. This is one of the most effective techniques for storing information within your brain. Rather than repeating it to yourself, you can even do it in front of other individuals. Trying talking about it with a friend or someone in your family.


Acronyms are very useful for individuals who need to remember things in a certain order. basically, take the first alphabet of each item and use that to create a word. Acronyms have been popular for ages. Here are some very widespread acronyms: NBA (National Basketball Associations) as well as SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). While they are awesome when it comes to storing information within your brain, they are not that advantageous in regards to trying comprehend what it is that you've just memorized. Comprehending something is completely diverse from memorizing something; comprehension of a particular item, list, data etc., allows you to efficiently memorize it.

Acronym generation is not always easy. You will find some acronyms enormously hard to memorize. An acronym is of no use to anybody if you can't recollect what the words stand for.

Basically, you should pick out one of the techniques that you like the most in terms of memory improvement and then keep practicing. These methods are bound to help you get better at memorizing stuff.

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Paul Rogers is a memory improvement expert based out of Miami, FL, USA. For more information on memory improvements tips go to his site where you can sign up for a free mini course on memory improvement and much more.