Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is the government led agency responsible for the recruitment of State Administrative officers, Forest Police Revenue Services etc.
The Exams for these services are conducted almost every year and the whole process takes around one & a half years. So, for aspirants it is a lengthy and dedicated process that requires their focus for almost 2-3 years.
We have enlisted some of the common mistakes that usually many aspirants commit. 5 of them are explained below:
1. No Planning:
The most important point of any officer’s personality is that they plan and schedule their things beforehand and thus they appear organised before others. This is the reason, we see something different in officers.
Many students, when they decide to start preparations for MPPSC exams, they usually forget to plan their studies and directly follow the established route by watching some online videos and stuff. And, they forget to apply it to their own personality, beforehand.
So, before you start your preparations, schedule your preps in months and weeks followed by appearing in Test series. Go, through the website of MPPSC, follow the syllabus, check out best books available and build a habit of following things in your daily life through local newspapers and magazines like Ghatna Chakra.
If you can’t plan then joining a mppsc coaching in indore for you preparation will be better, there you will get a proper study plan and schedule to complete your syllabus for mppsc.
2.Not Following the Pattern:
Another problem usually seen in the aspirants they forget to follow the last 10 years trend of the exam.
Following the last 10 years question papers, in the case of MPPSC’s Preliminary Exam or be it Mains is the thumb rule and a must-do-thing for clearing the exams.
This step will be going to lower your burden of reading almost everything under the sky. The first step to do smart studies starts from here.
Buy last mppsc previous years question papers and continue solving them after a certain level of preparations. But before you start your preparation, you must give it a look to get the overview of the pattern.
3.Not Following the Syllabus:
It is the most common thing that most students skip while going through the tedious process of preparation. We understand you follow some Teacher or a Book but have a Hard copy of Syllabus with you always while studying for the MPPSC Exams.
Make a habit to check, which topics have you covered and which are still left to be covered. This will also help you to schedule the things so that you could complete your syllabus in the stipulated time before the exams.
4.Ignoring the Test Series:
Many students don’t take the Test Series seriously, although it is the most important part of the preparation. It helps you to understand your real position as to where you stand among the other aspirants.
It also helps you to give the insight of:
● In which Topics do you lack?
● Which topics consume most of your time?
● What are your strong Topics?
● The level of competition.
● Lowering the exam pressure

As Indore is the hub for the MPPSC preparations, joining a Test Series in the city will do a lot for your efforts to join the services.
5.Ignoring the Health:
As some great person said “Self-care is a necessity & not an option”. Many students have faced issues related to health and they were well prepared to crack the exams but to their bad luck they could not appear due to their bad health.
Another issue related to health is mental endurance. Many students, well prepared to easily crack the exam could not do it because they panicked during the exams (that is why Test series are important).
If you take good care of your health, you will not fall ill at least near the exams that could ruin your chances of getting selected. And practice would make you less nervous during the exams.
All the best.

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