In the age of technology, there are so many tools available to improve your quality of life. Many apps out there cater to increasing your productivity or giving you an edge on some aspect of your life, but truth be told, not all of them are cracked up to be what they say they are. Any random Joe can create an app and submit it to the app stores and have it approved in a few days as long as technical guidelines have been followed and there is no breach within the terms of service for the app store platform. This creates a lot of noise in the space of self-growth as far as technology goes.


The millennial generation has been some of the earliest adopters when it comes to using technology to help augment their daily lives and improve in general. However, "we are seeing a massive shift of older generations leveraging mobile apps to help them grow as individuals," says Will Manuel of Core Mobile App Development. This trend looks to continue as more and more "Baby Boomers" retire and look for mobile apps to provide ways to keep growing while in retirement.


Here are 5 mobile apps that can help you with your personal growth and beyond:


#1 Calm App

If you can keep your mind in the right space, it will take you to the right place. Sounds like an actual quote, yeah? It's the absolute truth. The calm app is an all-encompassing tool that focuses on guiding you in the right direction while meditating. You can choose to meditate with a "coach" or you can meditate on your own with different soundscapes to help you achieve higher states of consciousness during your meditation practice. This app is a game-changer as it has the ability to rewire your brain and elevate your thoughts, which then become actions. If you aren't meditating currently, this should be the first practice you should adopt and this app will certainly help you "get in the zone" quickly.


#2 MapMyRun

You may not be into fitness or tracking progress but a big part of self-development and growth starts with the body (after the mind, which we addressed in the first app recommendation). What gets measured gets improved and tracking your daily activity will help you refine how you move and respond to changes within. Not only can you track running or walking but you can also track things like rollerblading, skateboarding, cycling and even walking your dog. Definitely a must-have for the active folks out there. Natural health and exercise are keys to staying ahead in life.


#3 MyFitnessPal

Along with tracking your fitness, tracking what you're eating is equally if not more important. A good physique starts with a good diet. This app is extremely handy as it allows you to track the macronutrients you intake daily. The calories, fats, carbs, and protein tracking capability are especially useful and you can look up food in their extensive database easily. This app can literally save you hundreds of hours per year in trying to accurately measure your nutrient intake.


#4 Credit Karma

This choice might not be what you would expect in a list like this but being in good financial standing is truly important to your overall mental wellbeing which transcends into your personal life. This app keeps track of all of your debt, credit bureau scores such as Equifax and Experian and alerts you when anything significant changes that could potentially harm your coveted credit score. More than anything, you get a good piece of mind knowing that there is a tool that is watching your back and helping you with this important metric.


#5 Skillshare

Last but not least, this app allows the user to learn a wide variety of new skills and interests on demand from a wide variety of content creators. The best part is that you pay 1 monthly fee for the service and you are able to consume as many courses and lessons you desire. You can learn yoga, how to code, how to trade stock options even how to save money.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that technology and mobile apps can help you grow as a person. Using such tools really amplifies what one can do as an individual that can help you grow and prosper. We sincerely hope this post will help you find the path to a greater you!


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Avita is a passionate writer and cook from the state of Florida. she is a UNC Chapel Hill graduate and was a college swimmer there. Now that he has retired from the pool he helps clients create content that can help engage their audience on their website blogs