Most of us think of juicing as an expensive deal but is it really the case? What we’ve found that people often fail to act smartly. Wrong selection of the ingredients, personal preferences, and many other factors cost much more than it should.

The truth is, you can continue juicing throughout the year without spending as much as most of us anticipate. Let’s show you how you can save money without compromising on nutrition:

Go Local

Nature feeds us with alternatives. One thing grows in one area and its substitute grows on another land. Make sure to select the locally available vegetables and fruits. And change your ingredients seasonally. In this way, you don’t have to use stored products. Fresh fruits and vegs are the keys to good health.

Don’t Overdo Juicing

A balanced diet is important. Sometimes people tend to overdo juicing which increases the cost and doesn’t really serve the purpose. Avoid drinking more than 3 glasses of juice a day. In this way, you actually reduce the intake of fresh water. Your appetite for solid food also drops down.

Love Gardening

The best way to cut the cost short is growing your own fruits and vegs. If there is a shortage of space, you can grow various vegs in the plant-pots. Having a small orchard is a real gift as you can grow some native fruits without any problem. A little care, devotion,and knowledge about the local vegetation is all that you need to serve the purpose.
Now is the time for the countdown of our top 5 healthy and cheapest juices.

1. The Kale-Fruit Collaboration

Time required = 3 minutes
Quantity = 12 ounces


Kale - 2 leaves
Banana (ripe) - 1
Orange (peel removed) - 1
Strawberries (halved) – 1 cup
Carrots - 3


Push the ingredients one by one through the juicer. (Make sure that the carrots go at the end). Stir it and drink immediately before the oxygen degenerates the kale’s nutrition.

Early morning (before breakfast) is the best time for this juice.

(DO NOT use a centrifugal juicer for this recipe as it can’t properly blend the ingredients).

2. Kale-Apple Collaboration

Time = 3 minutes
Quantity = 12 ounces


Tart Apple - 2 (cut into 8 pieces each)
Kale - 5 Leaves


It doesn’t get simpler than this. First juice the apple pieces and then juice the kale leaves so that the oxygen gets the least time to spoil the kale’s nutrients. Drink immediately. Of course, this is best for the summer season when you don’t find orange and carrot to accompany the kale.
The tart apple brings to you a unique taste way different from that of the conventional apple juice.
(DO NOT use a centrifugal juicer for this recipe as it can’t properly blend the ingredients).

3. The Immune Injection

Time = 3 Minutes
Quantity = 12 Ounces


Orange (Peel removed) - 2 (quartered)
Lemmon (Peel removed) - ¼ of a lemon
Apple - 1 Medium Sized (Cut in 8)
Fresh Ginger - ½” knob


Orange and lemon first, followed by apple and then ginger in the end! You may chill it for half an hour or consume it right away (recommended).
This juice is the real energizer and best for those feeling down and week. It is the best immune booster as the ingredients are known for their ability to fight against the germs.

4. The Ultimate Collaboration for Cardiac Patients

Time = 3 minutes
Quantity = 12 ounces


Fresh Ginger - ½” Knob
Carrots - 5 (Isn’t necessary to peel)
Apple - 2 medium sized (cut into 8)
Lemon (remove the peel) - ¼ of a lemon


Lemon goes first followed by the apples, carrots,and ginger. You may chill it for half an hour but it is recommended to drink it right away.

Not only that it tastes wonderful – carrots and apples neutralizing the ginger – it also refreshes your whole body from inside out. It is extremely good for the blood circulation in the arteries. Cardiac patients must try this simple yet effect recipe on a regular basis.

5. Green – Greener – Greenest

Time = 3 Minutes
Quantity = 12 Ounces


Celery - 3 Stalks
Pear (Cut into 8) - 1 Medium Sized
Green Apple (Cut into 8) - 1 Medium Sized
Cucumber (Quarter Cut) - ½ Large


Cucumber and celery go first into the juicer followed by apple and pear.

Chill it for half an hour but it is better to add a few icecubes and drink immediately.
This is the best juice for the summer as it keeps you hydrated and fresh and energizes your body with healthy nutrition.

Before You Leave!

We suggest you consult your doctor before including any of these juices to your diet. It is just a precautionary measure to make sure that your body and health is not vulnerable to the excessive use of any of these ingredients.

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