What is a Background Check?

A background check reads out the proceedings heeded by the company and Individuals, in order to substantiate who the applicant states to be. Background Check imparts abundance of details con-finding with the class of information you choose to explore and verify.

Why do we need Background Verification?

It definitely proves to be a big yes! Background checks comes up with an opportunity for an individual to examine the applicant’s criminal record, educational background, employment history, and other past undertakings in order to confirm their rationality. It serves to be an integral modulein facilitating a safeand secure dealings.

Background Verification Checks helps you in finding any sore-point that could strikes the safety of the company or an individual,by descending intensely into the attributes shared by the applicants.Bliss you with the affirmation of the applicant being flawless.

Safety needs to be the first priority,

DEWII contributes contentedly towards your safety. Offering you the Background verification services with our in-house professionals.

There exist variety of Background Checks dealing with different verification requirements.Here is the list of the 5 most common types of background checks to help you understand the each type individually.

1.Employment Background Check

2. Criminal Record Check

3. ID Authentication

4. Reference Check

5. Academic Record Check

6. Residential Address Checks

The recruiting task performs the crucial function of staffing the qualified employees without any notches, as ignorance can damage the future servings of the company & various other drawbacks.

Understanding the types of Background checks:

Each type of background check stripes onto different personal background details. It’s a matter of essentiality for both employers and applicants to apprehend the kind of information to be incorporated and how they can be used.

1. Employment Background Checks

Employers undertake background checks to evade hiring an individual who may menace the workplace or may be a complete nuisance.

Pre-employment background checks are also conducted involving court checks, information on past employment credential verification, education, and professional history. To conduct a pre-employment background check, the employer requires the applicant’s Aadhaar card, PAN ID, Voter ID, Passport, Driving license as well as the consent to check.

An employment background check is not just limited to an individual’s work history, education but also includes credit history, criminal record, medical history, use of social media, and drug screening.

What does the Employment check really cover?

  • Examine the past employment workings.
  • Checking the legitimacy of the designations along with the roles & responsibility mentioned.
  • Authenticity of the past employment credentials shared tobe checked
  • Feedback from the preceding employers.
  • Tenure of the employment & the reason to desist

2. Criminal Record Check (Court Record Check)

Fundamental out of the all, Criminal Record Check discloses violations or the criminal wrongdoings,unresolved criminal cases or any confinement as an adult.

A Court record check becomes essentials in the situations where an individual or an organization crucially needs to scrutinize the criminal activity, listing vicious or sex crimes, fraudulent, misappropriations, before a decisive action.

A criminal record check primarily covers the following:

  • Existence in the Indian court record for the past 7 years.
  • Association in any Criminal offence in the past.
  • Conviction by the respected courts of India
  • Sections imposed in case of any past convictions.

3. ID Authentication

Identity authentication examines if the person is who they claim to be. Authentication entirely depends upon the data that is shared by the applicant itself. Examining the authenticity of the Identities shared.

With an extra coating of information, Authentication widens the rate of accuracy, narrowing the risk of fraudulent.

What does ID Authentication cover?

  • Aadhaar verification
  • Voter card verification
  • Driving license check
  • PAN card verification
  • Passport verification

4. Reference Check

Employers check recommendations as part of the recruitment process. It includes contacting the previous employers, supervisors, Educational Institutions and also the social group comprising the friends & family with the aim of examining the core employment and educational information shared by the applicant along with the applicant’s experiences,expertise and skills.

What does Reference Check covers?

  • Does the person enlisted as Reference do exist.
  • Credentials of the person referred.
  • Checking the authenticity of the reference.
  • Co-relation amongst the reference & the applicant,
  • Outlook of the recommended,
  • Contradiction amongst, if any.

5. Academic Record Check

Academic Record Check varies depending upon the requirements, many of the institutes, The set of procedures focusing towards verifying the degrees & the diplomas visiting the Institution itself.

What does Education Verification cover?

  • Inspecting the existence of the University & its affiliation & the course enlisted by the applicant.
  • Verifying the Candidate’s registration number.
  • Checking if the course, degree & the tenure doesn’t belong to the category of forgery.
  • If the Academic score are legit.

6. Residential Address Check

Residential address verification is one of the pivotal checks as it perceives the maximum cases of forgeries,since the address discloses multiple detailings it becomes necessary to verify if the person do belongs to the residential mentioned.

What does Address Verificationcover?

  • The address shared do exist or not.
  • Does the applicant stays at the address or not.
  • Status of the residency along with its tenure if any

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