For developers, hybrid mobile app development has come as a breather. These types of mobile apps are designed to streamline hybrid mobile app development. These platforms help mobile app developers to build quality hybrid mobile applications.

Hybrid app development means developers only have to write code once and create an app to run on multiple platforms. Also, mobile app developers can reuse the code for developing web applications without any hassle.

Now the question comes to mind which is the best platform to build hybrid apps. To build eye-catching and feature-rich hybrid apps that feel and look like a native app, there are various best frameworks available in the market that you can choose as per your requirements. With so many frameworks available in the market, it is hard to choose the right one. Thus, in this blog, we have listed 5 frameworks that are tagged as best by top developers globally.

Here are the 5 frameworks for hybrid mobile app development:

1. Xamarin

Microsoft acquired Xamarin is the most popular platform for cross-platform mobile app development. Integrated into the .NET platform, this platform helps developers to quickly build mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Apps for these operating systems can be built using a single codebase.

Mobile app developers use Xamarin to develop cross-platform apps that give the feel of a native app. With the advent of Xamarin, Cross-platform app development is becoming widespread as it offers developers massive benefits over native development.

Xamarin has a set of native APIs and toolkits that can be used for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Consequently, it provides a native feel and performance for every application.

2. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is one of the most popular frameworks in today’s time for developing hybrid mobile apps for various operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows. It is an open-source platform owned by Apache Cordova, letting mobile app developers build apps using a single codebase that can be run on all devices. Also, the mobile app developer can also use their web development skills HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build hybrid mobile apps.

3. Iconic

Ionic is an open-source UI system for cross-platform, and hybrid mobile application development. It is based on top of normalized web development- HTML, CSS, and Javascript and empowers the abilities of web engineers to be utilized to build mobile applications.

Other broadly utilized technologies such as React Native, Quasar Framework, Polymer, and Flutter app development also come in the same categories.

Ionic allows web developers to build applications with ease. Building mobile apps using Iconic is easier, less time-consuming, and cost-effective. With basic technical knowledge, one can build their own mobile app easily.

Ionic has become the world’s most popular cross-platform mobile app development technology stack and is widely being used by mobile app developers from all over the world. Their toolkit has grown with the expanding needs of their developer community.

4. Framework7

Another most popular, free, and open-source technology for hybrid and web applications development is Framework7. It is an HTML structure that is utilized to design and develop hybrid applications that have the look and feel of native applications. It additionally functions as a prototyping application for showing the working application model immediately when required.

The structure utilizes IOS and Google material design to make IOS and Android applications. It centers on these two just for the best client experience and uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for that.

Some of the features of Framework7 are:

• Native scrolling
• Library agnostic
• Caching and browser history
• Preloading and so on.

5. Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator’s Titanium has become the most popular open-source technology which helps mobile app development build dynamic and feature-rich native applications for both mobile and desktop using web technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The Titanium Mobile SDK is the #1 cross-platform mobile development solution that is being used by over 3,00,000 mobile app developers and around 35,000 mobile apps have been developed using this technology.

Appcelerator is an ever-growing community of Developers and it also has cloud services and functionality in its platform. Appcelerator is creating a great platform for a growing community and its best days are ahead of it.


Building a hybrid mobile app is now easier than before as there are various technologies that allow us to build hybrid mobile apps without any hassle. If you are planning to build a hybrid mobile app for your business then you should consider these SDKs discussed above. You can hire mobile app developer or the best mobile app development company in India who can help you with innovative and cost-effective hybrid app development services.

Author's Bio: 

Ajay Goyal is a co-founder & Director of Endive Software. As a technology enthusiast, he always likes to learn more about new technologies and share useful information to the team. The mobile application development team follows his idea to build impressive and useful mobile apps.