Trying to be stress-free during your long distance move? Relocation stress can take a toll on your life. The Cheap Long Distance Movers will want you to know these 5 moving tips right now. Before making a decision, begin with comparing different moving services.

1) Bill of Lading: Never heard of this from your moving company? Bill of Lading is the most important document that you should hang on to. This agreement will have all the details including but not limited to services, rates, insurance coverage, and legal information. Ideally, you would be signing this even before the moving crew starts the loading process. Don’t be fooled by the moving companies that don’t present this to you yet promise a bigger bang for your buck.

2) Present Online Only: Be prepared to face the music if you chose your moving company solely based on their online presence. Companies today will do anything to allure you to opt for their services. Once you find a company online, look for reviews and their physical address. Reputed and reliable platforms like Moversfolder will always provide you with genuine customer reviews. Moreover, the law requires every registered company to have a physical address. So, you better watch out!

3) In-home Surveys: Did you know your moving company can’t give you an accurate binding estimate without a complete house walkthrough? Proper in-home surveys let them understand your need and measure the logistical requirements. If you recently got an estimate online or on the phone, it’s time to ask questions. How did they measure your belongings without even looking at it? Most of the scam moving companies or say online brokers will do these and force you to pay extra after moving. Instead of getting your dander up after reaching the destination, tell your moving company to pay a visit.

4) Incredibly Cheap Price: Never say yes to a moving company because they are offering incredibly cheap moving prices. The cheap long distance moving companies will always offer a moving quote on the basis of the weight of your belongings. If you have paid the moving upfront cash because they offered cheap moving quotes online chances are high that they will charge you some hidden fees upon reaching the destination. That’s why you should compare the moving price with moving quotes from reputed but cheap long distance movers.

5) Insurance Protection: How do you know that you are not caught with a con mover? Checking insurance liability is one of the best ways to find out. Con moving companies will not give you Full Coverage Protection. What they offer is Released Value Protection. Such companies can’t be held liable for more than 60 cents per pound for each article. The best distance moving companies will offer you with full coverage or 3rd party insurance along with the released value protection. You can find all these details in the bill of lading.

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