Desire to get a guy to like you is good thing and you do your best for that. But many times one does something very inappropriate in overexcitement. If one does not want to face sudden rejection or sudden loss of interest by its crush, one NEED to avoid certain blunders.
1) Red carpet entry.
I have seen many women who gave an entry like a celebrity and then realize that no one is much excited. Why should someone? She came to her friends not fans. If you are a friend, COME LIKE FRIEND, not a star. Your guy will put negative marks for you even before you speak or act.
2) A flop joke
This one is a real big blunder. If you do not have sense of humor than it’s really OK. Please, do not try to improve your ‘humor skills’ in front of your guy. People may feel mental harassment while listening to your flop jokes. It’s better to keep smiling in someone’s joke.
3) Laugh = good, giant laugh = #&*%
As I mention above, it’s better to keep smiling in someone’s joke. Natural laugh is OK But giant laugh is NEVER OK. Your crush may get scared by your giant laugh. This can be a BIG turn off. People take it as ridiculous and irritating.
4) Attention to other man
DO NOT give signals to more than one person at same time, not even by mistake. Guys will directly consider you as slutty woman and we all know that this is not a good sign. You will devaluate yourself even if you do it by mistake. So you NEED to be alert in this matter. Sometime a frank woman may be considered as a slutty one just because of absence of mind.
5) Get emotional
‘OMG, OMG, OMG, I cannot explain my FEELINGS about what kind of mistake is this…’ How did you felt while reading above statement? Even if I am feeling in the same way, should I express it in THIS WAY? Can you read the whole article in this manner? If one cannot read a 500-600 words article in this manner, how can one expect that a guy will like her with this expression? I understand that women are really emotional and I respect it but MEN ARE NOT. They cannot manage much emotion so it’s better to ACT wisely. I recommend you to talk LESS about emotional topic in the beginning phase.
So, do not give entry like a star. Do not try to improve your humor skill in front of your guy. Do not laugh like a big fat happy cowboy. If you want a guy to like you, don’t give attention to others. And never get much emotional in the beginning phase of the relationship or before the relationship. If one will try to avoid these blunders, they can have better success ratio for falling into relationship. If you carry confidence and joy with you, your work will be easier. A conscious attentive mind is the only one key to avoid these blunders.

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