A question that many service-based business owners often ask is: “How can I expand my reach and get more clients?”

Is that something you’re struggling with too?

If you have amazing products and services, yet no-one really knows about you and you continue to struggle with how to ‘get more clients’, here are some of the recent tweets I shared with my twitter followers:

1. #GetMoreClients by devising a solid marketing plan that includes online and offline activities. Then take action!

Do you have a marketing plan that has daily activities that will allow you to get your message out to your potential client? Are you also always looking for ways to increase your celebrity and reputation as an expert?

2. #GetMoreClients by setting aside time to work on business building activities – not admin tasks that should be outsourced.

Are you working on tasks that will get you closest to the money and your ideal client? Or, is what you’re working on a distraction and something that can be done by your assistant so that you can concentrate on more important tasks?

3. #GetMoreClients by having a strong call to action & free offer on your site that encourages people to give u their contact details.

Do you have a strong lead capture system in place so that you are continuously building your list of prospects?

Remember, it may take multiple pieces of communication before someone makes the decision to invest in you – so it’s vital to have a solid keep in touch strategy in place so that YOU are the person they think of when they’re ready to move forward.

4. #GetMoreClients by engaging with your followers. Not responding to comments or no interaction with yr community is unwise.

While marketing and getting your message out to potential clients is key for business growth, it’s also important to realise that your ideal client does not want to be constantly bombarded with sales messages. That’s not what I’m referring to when I talk about marketing.

Marketing and communicating your message is about sharing resources that you know is helpful and specific to the needs of your ideal client.

It’s about and engaging with your community by responding to their comments and answering their questions. People are far more likely to invest in you if they know, like and trust you so ensure you continue to engage with your followers.

5. #GetMoreClients by having a clearly defined target market and being able to easily describe your target audience & their needs/issues.

Do you know exactly the problems and issues that your ideal client is faced with? Do they know that you have a solution to their problems? Can they understand this within the first few seconds of reading your content and visiting your website?

Sending a confused and inconsistent message about the services you offer is unwise as a confused prospect will often leave your website as quickly as they came, if they can’t immediately tell whether you can help them. Don’t send your ideal client to your competitor because you weren’t clear in your marketing messages or the content/message on your website.

By doing each of these five things consistently and regularly will ensure that you continue to build brand awareness and the attention of your ideal client and remain top of mind, so that it’s you and your services they think of when they’re ready to invest.

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Annemarie Cross is a Brand Communication Specialist helping ambitious women business owners to get noticed, hired and paid what they're worth! Want to learn simple yet powerful ways that you can build your brand, your credibility and your income? Visit http://www.AnnemarieCross.com to access free inspiring 'how-to' articles and to sign up for our free audio mini-series ‘7 Easy Steps to Build Your Brand, Your Biz, and Your Income.’