Managing a catalog can be very stressful for organizations if millions of products comprise it. A catalog management software could prove to be handy at such times. But, what is a catalog management software?

Catalog management software sorts out and merges eCommerce item information into a solitary advanced perspective (also termed as a catalog) for both dealers and purchasers. The software keeps up and stores product data for an eCommerce business.

The office supplies industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and has an expansive product range. Due to the office supplies' exhaustive nature, the users/customers tend to return for more of the product. Hence, this niche is very much scalable and has the full potential to blast off sales numbers if you have proper management processes followed.

It is always wise to have the work divided than to do everything yourself and be average at everything rather than being the best at one. Therefore, you should have made an aggregated catalog where all the necessary office supplies exist with proper labeling, pictures, specifications, and other essential details.

The Five must-have features in an office supplies catalog

Let us now have a look at the five must-have features in an office supplies catalog:


The first and a prime factor, which adds as a great feature in an office supplies catalog, is to display clear images of the product. They should not be hazy, the size of the picture should not be too small, and the images should depict what the end-users is precisely going to get when they order it. Also, there should be an option to zoom in the picture, which acts as an added benefit as the viewers can have a better view of the product (for more clarity, as in some cases).

Accurate Information

The next feature, which proves as a game-changer in any catalog (office supply in this case), is none other than the information or the data it contains. It is extremely crucial to note that there should be different headings/columns for specific details and extra information. And most importantly, the information should be accurate enough, and words or jargon, in particular, should not be stuffed in to make it more attractive or better than the competitor.


Scalability is yet another beneficial feature for any office supply catalog. You should grow the catalog or increase the number of products in it with an increase in the product's availability and supply. Scalability is crucial in any context because it makes sure that your business is growing with an increase in the resources, so it is worth breaking your head over it.


Having a workforce or personnel to update the catalog is going to be time-consuming and costly and slow down the process of updating the catalog. Due to the unavailability of the concerned person (because of any unavoidable circumstance), the process might get delayed, but if automation exists, there will not be any delay, and the cost reduces significantly.


B2B VARs have different prices for different customers, depending on the volume of transactions. You cannot be showing the same price to everyone. Hence a critical feature of a catalog, in general, should be to improvise and contain within it this feature. Improvisation ensures worst-case scenarios do not degrade or affect the business operations in any way.

To Sum It Up

Without proper and efficient management tools and services, it becomes cumbersome and costly for any organization to work in totality. Well-known and reputed organizations, such as VARStreet, should be an ideal choice for you.

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