Various researches show that metal detecting is a perfect hobby for the senior citizens. Though you will observe that more and more young people are making it their habit to spend their time to get valuable metals but there are a few seniors as well.
The metal detecting involves a lot of physical activity which helps in keeping the heart rate normal and can protect from various heart related diseases. But, for those who wanted to become a metal detectorist should know what are the basic tools that they should have to start detecting metals.
Here are the 5 must have tools that every metal detectorist.

Basic Level of Metal Detector

Obviously, a basic level of metal detector is the very basic and a must have tool if you wanted to start metal detecting. A metal detector helps you in detecting the precious and valuable metals in different kind of soil and you can make more money if you have a good metal detector.
To start this hobby, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on the metal detector. A basic level and cheap detector is enough so that you can learn how to detect the metals and can understand how difficult it could be.
Once you are sure that this hobby is great for you and you can spend days and weeks to detect metals, then you should go for the more professional metal detector.

A Good Digger

Without a digger, you can’t find antique jewelry or coins from the woods or from deep in soil. A good digger helps you to reach to the metal once you detect it with the metal detector.
A good quality digger is made from the aircraft quality steel, but obviously you can’t get that as a beginner. Just start with a good digger that can help you in picking up the metals by digging very basic materials.
Once you become an expert in detecting valuable metals, then you can go for different kinds of high quality professional diggers.

A Pouch or a Carry Bag

To keep your most important things with you, a pouch or a carry bag is very useful. You can keep your digger, a torch, car keys and of course all your finds in that pouch.
You can tie that pouch around your waste because these pouches or carry bags are not very heavy. So, it is also a must have tool to start detecting metals.

A Torch

Sometimes you need to search for the metals in dark areas in the forest or under some other items. In those cases, a good torch can help you to keep doing your work. You can also have a torch that you can fit into your helmet so that it shows you the path during dark nights.

A Metal Pinpointer

Once your metal detector detects some metal, it takes a lot of time to find that small piece of metal by digging different places.
A pinpointer is a device that can reduce your effort by pinpointing the location which you should dig in order to find that metal. So, if you start detecting metals, don’t forget to have a pinpointer in your tools to find precious rings, coins or other metals in less time and effort.

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