We’ve got a gift for you!

How great does it feel to get a gift? Pretty good, right?

How awesome is it to get the information you so desperately need, right when you need it to help you solve a big problem in your life? Pretty darn good, right?

That’s exactly what happens for your potential client when they come to your website and see your Freebie waiting for them – but only if it speaks to them and can really help them.

In case you don’t know, a Freebie is a free gift that you offer to someone who has come to your website in exchange for them opting into your email list. It is a very effective way to grow your mailing list, start the education conversation with potential clients and to really begin supporting your community.

You used to be able to just ask someone to join your newsletter or mailing list and they would just sign up to be able to get more information.

But that is just not enough anymore. People are busy and quite frankly getting lots of email and newsletters, so the thought of getting another newsletter in their inbox is more likely going to drive your potential client away than have them signing up.

But what if you had a compelling free gift (video, audio, ebook) that addressed a real and pressing problem for them. Ask yourself what answers do your ideal client search the Internet for at 3 AM? What are they looking for when they can’t sleep, we call it the “3 AM Google question”.

Whatever their question is, have your free gift be the answer!

First of all, it is important to know the essential “must-have” elements you will want to consider when putting your freebie together. Here are the basic elements you will need for a really rocking, client attracting freebie.

1 – Attention Getting Title – You want the title to really speak to their struggle/issue and you want it to have some benefit rich language in it.

2 – Who you are, your story, and your experience with this struggle/desire – This answers the “why should I listen to you” question your newest community member has.

3 – Content – your solution to their struggle – You want this to be High Value Content. This is not a place to hold back. It’s also not a place to have EVERY thing you do. Have your content really address and help them with the one issue you are dealing with. This is a chance to help them, educate them, deliver on your promise, and most importantly build Know, Like and Trust.

And of course, people buy from people they know like and trust.

4 – The Call to Action – what’s the next step – Don’t leave ‘em hanging. You’ve just helped them with the problem that has been keeping them up. Don’t you dare not let them know how they can get even more help and support from you. Make sure you have a call to action. That could be a complimentary session, it could be an entry-level product, it could be another resource/freebie you offer, it could be to send you an email and tell you how they did. Just make sure you ask them to take some sort of action that moves them farther down the path to working with you and getting the deeper help they need.

5 – Contact information for you – This is actually a mistake we see more often than we would like to admit. If your freebie really helped them, why would you make it difficult for people to get in touch with you? Again, make it REALLY easy for people to get in touch with you.

Okay, so you’ve got the basics of creating a rockin’ client attractive freebie, now it’s time to take a look at yours.

Call to Action

Here’s an exercise we share in our “Authentic PROFITS System” to help you get started creating your freebie, or just making the one you have that much better.

Here are some questions to help you flesh out the content for your freebie….

What is your niche (exactly who is it written for) and what URGENT problem do you solve for them? What keeps them awake at night?


What is your own story around this issue?


Is there some content or information you have already created that you can repurpose for your freebie? (This can be a teleclass, a video of a speech, an ebook or series of articles you wrote, etc…)


What do you tell everyone that comes to you with this issue? What are the steps you will take them through or the golden “nuggets” you can share that position you as an expert and help solve their problem?


What is your call to action going to be (what do you want them to do…reach out for a comp or strategy session?)


What is the title of your free gift? To help you, it should include either the struggle you are addressing or the solution (benefits/results) you are sharing – or both.


Will this be an audio, a video, something written or a combination?


Be sure you have answered these questions thoroughly before you start putting your freebie together. With this newfound clarity, you can now create a freebie that speaks directly to your ideal client and positions you as the exact person who can help them with the transformation they so desire.

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