When life gets hectic, there's nothing better than hanging out with your best gal pals. Going out on the town can be fun, but sometimes going to a loud venue and dealing with logistics like finding a designated driver can just add more stress to the mix. Instead, opt for a relaxing night in with your besties. Focus on having a relaxing time, catching up on everyone's lives and enjoying each other’s company. Your get-together should include an agenda that's meaningful to you and your group, but here are some ideas to get you started. Consider these five must-haves for the perfect girls' night:

1. Fabulous Food

What's a gathering of friends without food? Fantastic eats are essential to any party, but you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a huge spread. Remember that this is supposed to be a relaxing evening at home. Opt for comforting items that everyone enjoys. Pick stuff up instead of preparing it yourself. Cupcakes from that awesome bakery, a local market fruit try or curbside pick-up appetizers from a neighborhood dining establishment are some ideas you can try. Asking your girlfriends to bring a favorite dish to share is also perfectly acceptable, as everyone loves to try new things. Plus, your pals know the night is supposed to be stress-free and low-key.

2. Fancy Drinks

Not only is the night all about relaxing, you can also make it about treating yourselves. Go all out with the drink options. Open up a bottle from JJ Buckley Fine Wines or whatever your favorite brand is. Everyone loves a nice glass of wine, but don’t hesitate to make the evening special with some bubbly instead. Just because you're staying in doesn't mean you can't indulge in a bottle of quality champagne.

3. Pampering Time

You can make it as indulgent or as casual as you'd like, but you definitely need to incorporate some kind of pampering into the evening. After all, this occasion is about slowing down and relaxing. Nearly everyone loves a spa night. You can take turns giving each other a mani/pedi, provide various supplies for facials or set up individual stations where guests can choose their own pampering ritual.

4. Fun Movie

While gal time is often about the sappy chick flick, you might want to go in a different direction and opt for a comedy. Laughter definitely is the best medicine when it comes to beating stress and overwhelm. Have a couple choices at the ready and let the group decide which to watch.

5. A Little Swag

A nice surprise would be to offer your girls a little swag bag as they're leaving the next day. Include items that will remind them of the evening or that are significant to your friendship. You can always follow through with the pampering theme and include a mug with a sampling of herbal teas or an aromatherapy travel candle.

Hopefully, after reading these five ideas for the perfect girls' night, you're ready to put together your own intimate soiree. Use your imagination and enjoy the process.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from the University of California-Sacramento with a degree in Journalism.