A bed is the most important furniture in a home. A home means an abode for your complete physical, mental, and emotional development and bed harbours as one of the most important corners for it. If you are planning to buy a bed, then you have to prioritize on top 5 parameters to consummate it as the cosiest and durable furniture which you can pass on to your next generation as well. The wooden bed with storage is never outdated; hence it can serve you as well as your descendants for more than decades. To let’s explore what makes a perfect bed.

Two types of double bed

Double beds can be classified into two types:-
• King size bed- It is a big double bed with dimension 88 L x 75 W x 48 H. It provides extra space for a couple where a little kid can also share the bed with parents.

• Queen size bed–It is also a double bed with a standard dimension of 88 L x 63 W x 33 H. It is for a small bedroom where exactly a couple can sleep comfortably. 

Hence before you buy a bed, know your requirements, size of the room where you are going to place it and get a fair idea of how much space it is going to consume. While buying a new double bed design, do keep a check on what other furniture you want your bedroom to comprise. These parameters will let you plan for a bed that will keep you cosy and also consummates enough space for movement.

Storage Category

Contemporary beds care for space constraints; hence, most of the beds come with extra storage capacity. Furniture designers tried to make the best use of each part of the bed, and they endowed it with the following storage category:-

• Underneath Storage – Below the bedding arrangement, the entire space is wisely used for double bed with storage design. With the advent of hydraulic technology, this space is given easy access by just operating a switch and yet keeping the bedding arrangement unaltered.

• Headboard – The headboard can be empowered to replace the side table with shelves and showcases to keep books, showpieces, reading lamps, and a lot more. Yet it can be upholstered with cushioned back for your leaning comfort.

• Footboard – This can either be designed with wooden architecture or upholstered design or can be further designed as cupboard opening or drawers to get access to the underneath storage 


The furniture industry is with an array of bed designs. The modern double bed designs have a plethora of options like a trundle bed, platform bed, sofa cum bed, divan, poster bed, and a lot more. Each has its identified benefits that can serve each vertical of your requirement. Hence before you finalize on your deal, browse online options. Know each type and its benefits and fix on your order with the best type that consummates it.

The material used in making

Wood is undoubtedly the best option for any furniture. All endorsements like architecture, durability, price and finish are best portrayed in this wooden bed. A wooden bed can support all pressure points of your body to ensure a complete sleep.

This is the most important parameter to check on before buying any goods. Especially when it is all about a bed, then you need to be extra cautious as you can’t compromise with the comfort factor. A simple double bed design becomes an asset of the family when it's durable and made of quality wood. Go for manufacturers providing a 1-year warranty.

Hope now you are all prepared to decide on which bed to buy that can best fit your requirement. Want to explore more? Keep in touch with our upcoming blogs.

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