Online vacation rental service is growing with increasing number of vacation rental and accommodation service provider, and it becomes essential to deliver exceptional quality services to stand out in the competition. To get started quickly in this niche business, you can take help of Clone of Airbnb as Airbnb is a dominant name in this field. Today numerous Airbnb clone scripts are available in the market, but it is advisable you do not follow each of them blindly instead get on their features in detail.

To help you in simplifying the process of choosing the Best Airbnb Clone script, we have laid efforts in scrutinizing basic but scrumptious hacks that can help in building a best rental platform. Following are the 5 mystic hacks one can use or include in their vacation rental software or Airbnb clone to work towards perfection:-

  • 1. Customization
  • Customization is the most important feature a vacation rental software should offer. Customization of components as well as in interactive design is advisable. Airbnb Clone being inspired version of an existing website should, however, look unique while offering the service for the same travel and accommodation industry. This script is ultimately a new website with only inspiration from an existing website, so a travel booking script should offer something fresh, unique & compelling enough not to be typecast as a website clone.

  • 2. Super host facility
  • Super host is a status or title awarded to hosts who have provided exceptionally remarkable services to their guests in more than 10 trips & maintained 90% response rate, no cancellation & 5-star reviews. Super host status attracts more guests & gives super host priority in search filters. Perks of being a super host are many including more revenue than a nonsuper host, preference in customer support, etc. Super host status encourages hosts to provide better hospitality which ultimately improves the quality of services which benefits the website & its business.

  • 3. Instant booking facility
  • Instant booking is the facility in which guests can book properties of the hosts without their prior approval. It gives them the option to book their travel dates and properties at their convenience. Instant booking facility provides privilege to the guest to plan their trips to which attracts more guest interest. Search filters properties with instant booking which gives the host a more significant customer base & positively affects the response rate which can help reaching super host status.

  • 4. Listing of unlimited properties
  • Listing unlimited properties gives hosts an option to list as many as properties as they want to increase their customer base with a variety of properties listed for different needs of different guests. By listing many properties, hosts can increase their visibility & business. Therefore, the inclusion of a feature described above in vacation rental software can contribute to making the vacation rental script the best Airbnb clone script.

  • 5. Share property on social media
  • Social media is a hub for promotional activities with the highest number of reach. Sharing of properties on social media facility helps hosts to promote their properties to a wide number of audience. It furnishes exposure & helps in building brand value. It also provides free advertising when users on social media share your posts or content.

    With these 5 basic but mystic hacks, a travel booking script can perform remarkably good & can build an impressive Airbnb Clone script. Striving to be better can result in making a difference in meeting expectation & to reach your customer. Quality & satisfactory service is success recipe in travel & accommodation industry. Hope that the above 5 hacks can prove to be helpful in building a distinguished & best Airbnb clone script.

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    Nidhi is working as a content and branding strategist at MintTM - a clone scripts & web development company, recommending strategies that meet customers’ goals and deliver a superior user experience. She provides content leadership, ensuring that a consistent brand message is delivered to the audience.