When you or somebody you know is accused of a crime, you might be tempted to hire the first attorney that comes your way. You are desperately in need of a lawyer; you are scared, confused, and nervous about what will happen to you. On top of it, you think all lawyers are the same. So you make the mistake of hiring just any lawyer.

Myth #1: All lawyers are the same.


Even lawyers who are equally qualified and experienced may differ in their deportment, the way they make you feel, and case representation. So, once you make a list of qualified and reputable lawyers in the city, you must base your decision on the lawyer’s confidence, body language, vibes, behavior, and your instinct.

For this, an initial consultation with a Prince George’s County criminal law attorney lawyer is a must. This gives you a fair idea of the person in front of you.

Myth #2: Once you consult a lawyer, you must hire him/her.


There is no rule that says you must hire the lawyer with whom you had a consultation. If you disagree with them or feel something fishy, you can choose not to hire him/her. No lawyer can coerce you to hire them after consultation.

Myth #3: You mustn’t ask too many questions, lest the lawyer may get annoyed.


If a lawyer gets annoyed with too many questions, he/she is not worth hiring.

You can ask a series of questions to the lawyer. In fact, make a list so that you do not forget, as meeting a lawyer (and if this is the first time in your life) can be overwhelming. There is no harm in interviewing an attorney. After all, they will represent your case. Whether you win or lose the case, it can deeply impact your life. So, you cannot risk hiring a lawyer without questioning them. A competent lawyer is never intimidated by a prospective client’s questions.

Myth #4: You must provide inputs in the case


Once you hire a Prince George’s County criminal law attorney lawyer, your job is done. Now, the only thing you must do is follow your lawyer’s instructions and proceed with the case accordingly. You need not tell the lawyer how to go about handling your case. This is their job. They are trained for it. Even if you believe you understand the law, you can never match the knowledge and the skill of a lawyer. They have spent years studying law, gone through examinations and rigorous training before they could provide services. So, their knowledge is like gold – gone through the heat, refined, and polished. Whereas you have raw knowledge.

Myth #5: Don’t show your emotions to a lawyer


You can show emotions. Lawyers are humans. Good lawyers empathize with their clients, but they always make rational and practical decisions. Don’t expect them to cry with you. They are trained for the job, which requires them to see such emotional breakdowns and people committing crimes every day. However, a good criminal defense lawyer in md can help you arrange for a therapist, in case you need one.

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