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Ask any doctor who treats erectile dysfunction about the reasons behind it, and they would point out the primary reason, i.e. Stress. In the present times, multiple reasons bring around stress to a person where it could be problems in the workplace, family, fast lifestyle, irregular eating habits and finally the inability to stay fit.

Erectile dysfunction in simple words is the inability to get an erect penis or probably not being able to hold it that way while having sex. It is a common problem in the present times, and one such solution is the optimization of normal testosterone values in the body. While multiple myths surround this problem where everyone has something to prove themselves intelligent, here are a few of them busted for you.

Myth 1 – It is only those who are old face erectile dysfunction

Well, that was something way back when people lost testosterone levels along with age, but in the present times, a survey has proved that men between the age of 25 to 40 face such problems. The difficulty in sustaining the erection is something that they face. Excessive masturbation and improper lifestyles such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking is something that leads to such issues.

Myth 2 – If it fails to get erect once, you have a problem

There are times when excessive stress at work or home can lead to such a problem. It could also be the effect of alcohol consumption where the blood fails to reach the penis appropriately and thus leading to failure of erection. While this happens once or twice, it should not be mistaken for a dysfunction. If it continues even when there is no stress, or you are not intoxicated, only then can you consult the doctor.

Myth 3 – The penis has a problem, and that is why it fails to get erect

This is something completely wrong, as not always that something happening to the penis would lead to such a problem. Issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, obesity, kidney problems, paralysis and much more leads to such a problem which often goes unnoticed and not diagnosed. Men tend to avoid symptoms, and that is what results in such issues. Whenever you notice the problem with the penis not getting an erection, get yourself checked for other health problems if any.

Myth 4 – Intoxication has no connection to erection

It is evident that whenever intoxicated, a man doesn’t get an erect penis as required. With regular consumption of alcohol, the problem can get chronic while having to undergo heavy medication. Smoking is also known to prevent the blood flow while it damages the blood vessels in the process and thus not giving an erection whenever required.

Myth 5 – Use of Viagra is the only option

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, Viagra can be a temporary solution but not always can it become a rescuer. When you visit doctors with such a problem, they will come up with multiple types of help depending on your age, health conditions and the presence of diseases if any.

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The author has had close associations with those that help out with optimizing normal testosterone values and writes this article to help people to not follow myths on treating erectile dysfunction.