Many people suffer from an overgrowth of Candida Albicans in their system and don’t even realize that’s what’s wrong with them.

It’s an opportunistic fungus that comes in a few different forms, but most commonly develops in the human gut.

The symptoms of it tend to be pretty nondescript, which is why people often don’t know what’s causing their problems.

These effects are things like things like fatigue, joint pain, bloating and intestinal discomfort and a lot of people attribute such symptoms to other problems.

If it is Candida you’re afflicted with however, it’s more than likely being caused by your diet. A good way to eradicate from your system is to take on a Candida cleanse.

This will be a program you put yourself on for eight weeks and it will involve a strict diet. Here’s five foods that you should include in your Candida Cleanse.

1. Coconut Oil

For many years, coconut oil has been used in a variety of ways in some of the more tropical regions around the world.

It’s only recently that others have began to recognize the numerous health benefits that coconut oil has for skin, hair and a bunch of other things.

One of those benefits is the fact that it’s a great antifungal. About 50% of the acids in coconut oil are lauric acid, which forms a substance called monolaurin when ingested.

This particular substance is very effective in killing certain bacteria and in particular it works great against yeast infections which is essentially what Candida is.

There’s a few different ways that you can incorporate it into your diet but one popular method is to just use the oil when you’re cooking.

2. Garlic

In addition to keeping vampires at bay, garlic is a herb that is world-renowned for its antifungal properties.

Doing a Candida cleanse means that you are going to have to cut certain things out. Unfortunately this includes starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn.

These things are staples of a lot of people’s and cutting them out could mean a complete diet overhaul for people.

Garlic will give you a lot of the nutrients that these other starchy vegetables will give you but will also help cleanse your system of Candida so it’s a good replacement.

To get the full effect, the best thing to do is to either chop or crush the garlic and include it in your meals that way.

When it’s crushed, the compound allicin will combine with the enzyme alliinase to form Ajoene, the most powerful antifungal that garlic has to offer.

3. Bone Broth

Your intestinal lining is made up of something called collagen, which is one of the primary structural proteins in our body.

Bone broth, which is made by boiling the bones and connective tissues of different animals has copious amounts of collagen.

The purpose of collagen in your intestines is to protect the intestinal wall from any kind of toxins present in the food your ingesting.

If you beef up the your collagen count by eating bone broth, then you can hold off the toxins that contribute to the growth of Candida and other fungi.

It can also help repair any damage in your system that is caused by the presence of Candida. If you’re Candida problem is particularly serious, you could kick it entirely with a bone broth fast.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

The research done into the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar has mainly been done on Candida particles in a petri dish, but it has been effective.

Of course, it is always easier to kill this sort of bacteria in a petri dish than it is when someone is actually suffering from it, but ACV is still something you should try.

It has been known to have antibacterial properties for a long time now and it’s also very easy to incorporate into your diet.

You can add it into your tea, you could use it as a salad dressing or you could just drink it straight. One tablespoon a day should suffice.

It’s not going to taste great or anything but for something that could kill off some of the Candida that’s bothering you a small spoonful of something bitter is worth it.

5. Avocado

These days, people like to joke about avocados and how they’re only eaten by clueless millennials, but they’ve become popular for a reason.

The health benefits are pretty numerous. They’re packed with potassium, fiber, they’re great for your heart and of course, they are a strong antifungal.

There is a toxin present in avocados called persin, which is harmful to a lot of animals but for humans it is a natural antifungal.

Candida is no match for persin. You can eat them however you want too. Toast is a popular way these days, but avocados are great in soups and salads too.


The candida cleanse is more than just a dietary thing. It’s something that will take a lot of preparation beforehand and a lot of commitment.

But these dietary recommendations are more than just good advice for tackling Candida, each of these foods are healthy for a number of reasons.

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