Everyone has their own version of what constitutes an ideal vacation, and everyone has their own version of what represents being naughty.

Many people visit destinations around the world that offer services to the more liberal vacationer, and it might be something that you've never considered wherever you decide to travel.

Here's a short list of things to do that your grandmother may frown upon as naughty.

1. Play at a Casino and Drink for Free

Vegas is the ultimate location for those seeking to win at the tables or just play for fun on slots. Even if you're not a serious gambler, the lure of The Strip's bright lights and 24/7 culture is exceptionally entertaining.

If you didn't know, most casinos, especially in the old town of Freemont Street, offer free drinks to players, so it's the perfect place to take advantage and get tipsy on the house.

2. Get an Erotic Massage

South East Asia is ripe with spas, clubs, and "girlie bars" hosted by ladies wanting you to buy them drinks, amongst other things. It's a fun environment and can be a cheap location to party, assuming you have your wits about you.

Depending on the country, it will be referred to as a different name. Essentially there are varying degrees of erotic massage parlor to choose from, and undoubtedly some providing a genuine service and some who are likely to try and rip you off (no pun intended).

3. Go to a Strip Club

If you want to pay over the odds for drinks but have a penchant for scantily clad ladies or poles, or both, a strip club might be right up your street. They don't necessarily have to be just for gents, but that's likely to be the audience.

If you're not sure how you'll react at a strip club, try a scantily-clad waitress bar such as Hooters.

4. Get Drunk in the Morning

All-inclusive vacations are a fantastic way to budget and plan how to spend before you leave home. Another great benefit, if you like to indulge in food and drink, is to pack on the pounds and eat and drink to your heart's content.

Not likely to happen in your regular routine, anyone who's been on an all-inclusive vacation knows the temptation to drink alcohol at breakfast …. and carry on going! Champagne breakfasts, mid-morning ice cold beers in the pool, lunchtime frozen daiquiris, afternoon liquor coffees, sundowners on the beach, aperitifs, wine flights for dinner, after dinner liquors, cocktails, and nightcaps, the list is endless!

5. Create a False Personality

Vacations are a great time to meet new people and potential new life-long friends. I'm sure many people have met and given an account of their life, which is slightly altered to make them sound better.

One fun thing to do is initially pretend you have an obscure occupation, such as a Christmas songwriter or ex-Marine (especially if your physique is not of a typical Marine). However, don't forget to tell the truth before you part ways, or you'll never know what trouble you might get yourself in to.

If you look a bit like a celebrity, pretend to be someone famous to see how many people believe you and what freebees might head your way.


If you've worked hard all year and want to spend your hard-earned cash on a vacation with a little naughtiness, as so long as no one is getting hurt and no illegalities occur, then why not?

Have fun, let your hair down, and you're bound to create fantastic memories that last a lifetime.

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