Education is a right that every child deserves. For a country like India, where the poverty rates are so high, many children aren't entitled to the right to education. These children need to go through many hardships such as child labor, abuse, and inadequate medical facility. All these contribute towards making them ineligible to get the proper education. There are several NGOs that have been working toward promoting the right to education in Child.

These are some of the NGOs that accept your proposal of donation and volunteering. Throughout years, it has been working towards promoting child welfare in every case.

1. Lok Kalyan Samiti -

Lok Kalyan Samiti is one or the most active sponsors of educational rights for unprivileged children in India. It has also introduced a range of programs that have allowed people to donate towards child education. The Sponsor a child in India is one such prominent program. Through this program, many children get sponsorship to get quality education in India.

This sponsorship program is for those underprivileged children who are not fortunate enough to get a proper education as their parents cannot afford it. In that case, Lok Kalyan Samiti has taken this initiative to educate them. They have established a school and offers free tuition as well. If you want, you can also help a child by donating Rs. 5000 only. If you're going to sponsor the whole education of that child you can donate Rs. 50000. Educating children is the best way to grow our India as they are the backbone of our country.

2. Child Rights and You -

Popularly known as CRY, this organization has been working towards promoting the rights of children since an extended period. It was found back in 1970 and since then has been making efforts to educate children from the lower class, promoting education among them and saving children from the risk of child abuse. Although CRY operates all across India, it is known to be functional in five major cities, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi. It also gives people the opportunity to participate in making a change.

3. Katha -

Katha is one of the prominent NGOs that has been working towards promoting quality child education for unprivileged children. These organizations over time have been sponsoring various programs that have been helpful to provide quality education to all the unprivileged children. Some of their most prominent programs include Katha Lab School, Katha School of Entrepreneurship and Katha's Slum Resurgence Initiative. It is based in Delhi and calls for interested people to take part in the cause.

4. Childline India Foundation -

It began as an experimental project for the Department of Family and Child Welfare. Later on, it grew up to be one of the most prominent parts. Ever since it was established, the NGO has become the first one to be serving 24-hour free service for children. It is very active and vocal about the rights of children in India and promotes education among them. This is based in Mumbai, and if you are interested, you can reach out to people by the helpline numbers and help the unprivileged kids.

5. Pratham Education Foundation -

Pratham Education Foundation, on a large scale has been working towards bringing change in the policies of government regarding the students. This is being done to reach the maximum amount of kids. It works towards promoting primary education, literacy skills in kids so that the kids get most of the benefits.

There is no such thing which cannot be done. You can contribute a little towards it. Instead of commenting on the helplessness of the nation, you can come forward and help to build a better nation. So, contribute a little, maybe?

Author's Bio: 

Meenakshi has been working as a social worker for various social cause for kids and orphans. She has seen the world with a great value and adopted herself with these kids and organization to assemble brick by brick to build there future. She as well entertain herself as a writer for social causes.