It has been proven time and again. Coconut oil offers plenty of benefits. That includes moisturizing the skin, hair conditioning, cooking, and balancing digestion, which was elaborated further by Jen Broyles in her article 4 Awesome Ways to Use Coconut Oil.

As years passed, people are discovering that this oil provides many other benefits to the health than they have ever thought. We’ve listed 5 of them below.

1. Coconut oil promotes healthy human populations.

While coconut oil is a staple in Asian cuisines due to its authentic taste, it has been considered a dietary staple by many health conscious individuals. As a matter of fact, there are populations from different corners of the globe that can attest to that.

A concrete example is the Tokelauans of the Southern Pacific region. With 60% of their calorie consumption obtained from coconuts, these individuals are said to be in good shape, without any signs of heart problems.

2. Coconut oil has fatty acids that are known to have great medicinal properties.

There has been talks circulating online that coco oil isn’t healthy because of its saturated fat content. Although it is proven to be one of the richest source of saturated fats, research suggests that these are completely harmless.

As mentioned above, hundreds or thousands of individuals consuming coco oil were heart disease-free. That being said, this ingredient is something we might all want to consider adding our diets.

3. It helps burn fats.

Whether you believe it or not, obesity is a widespread problem in places all over the world. That is the reason why this oil is selling like pancakes in supermarkets.

4. The fatty acids found in this oil are converted into ketones, reducing the risk of seizures.

Today, there is a low carb diet with high fat content that is becoming very popular. It is called ketogenic. And what’s best about it is that it is being tested to treat disorders.

At the moment, the best known application of ketogenic is treating drug-resistant children with epilepsy. For some reasons, it has significantly reduced the seizure rates among these kids.

5. It helps lose fat.

Knowing that coconut oil helps burn fat and reduces appetite, it only makes senses that it may result in weight loss. It is even very effective at reducing belly fat. Many studies were already conducted to prove this.

In order to reap the nutritional benefits outlined above, then you have to find pure coconut oil. Use it in cooking or consume it raw. No matter how you use it, you’ll definitely feel better.

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