Do you find yourself caught in the middle of busy schedules, deadlines and meetings? Have you ever thought what it’d be like to go off the grid just for a few days? Well, you’re at the right place. Let’s talk about off grid camping. What is off grid camping? Basically it’s camping in the most traditional sense. Off grid camping is one of the best ways to unplug and refresh yourself. It’s also one of the best ways to get closer to nature. Not only do you learn survival skills but you also get to rejuvenate and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. Off grid camping allows you to not only discover nature but also pieces of yourself you never knew existed. So if you’ve been contemplating of heading off to the woods and having a blast, this article is for you.

Things you’ll need

Let’s be honest, going off grid camping is not easy — especially for those who’ve never done it before. Going to the woods and totally disconnecting is one intimidating thought. However, off grid camping can easily turn into the best trip of your life but only if you have the right equipment. So here’s a list of things that ensures that you become a happy camper.

1. High Quality Tent

I’m pretty sure you know that you will need a tent for this adventure, but if you don’t, now you do. It is highly essential that you bring with you a top quality tent to keep you warm, dry and safe for the whole duration of your outdoor adventure. Although a tent really is not that comfortable to sleep in, it is totally better rather than sleeping outside.

2. Backpack that Fits Everything

If you’re serious about going camping, it’s best if you don’t pack too much. We highly suggest that you pack up essentials. Remember, you’re going on an adventure in the woods — you’ll have zero need to be fancy. However, even our essentials can take up a ton of space, so make sure you use a backpack that’s sturdy and big enough to fit all your needs. Make sure that the backpack you use helps in lessening the weight of your stuff.

3. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping on top of a chilly mountain under a sea of stars can seem very tempting. However without the right sleeping bag, you’ll probably freeze to death, right? This is why choosing temperature appropriate sleeping bag is a must for all campers. A quick pro tip: do your research before heading off to camp. Make sure you know what the weather’s like so you could choose a sleeping bag that’ll fit your needs.

4. Light Source

The woods at night can be too dark, thus making the thought of camping a little bit intimidating for most people. We’re all afraid of what the darkness brings. However, this should not really be an issue. Before heading to camp, make sure you’ve got enough light source. You can either use flashlights and headlamps. If you want to be a tad bit fancier, you can go for a portable electricity supply. A good and sustainable light source is an absolute need for camping so never head off without it.

5. Water Purifier

As much as we want to drag with us a gallon of water for camping, this is just plain impractical and heavy. This is why having a water purifier around is totally handy. In the woods you can find a lot of places to drink water from — but you have to make sure that the water is purified. Nowadays, water purification is totally easy. We now have purification straws and tablets you could use to ensure that you stay hydrated and healthy for the whole duration of the trip.

When you have finally decided to go off grid camping, make sure that you have everything you might need. Like we said, off grid camping can help you relax and unplug from this technology crazed world. Going off the grid camping can definitely help you relax and rejuvenate even just for a while. Although this adventure can seem intimidating, we totally think you’ll do great as long as you’ve packed all the essentials.

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