Many people lose teeth as they get older due to various reasons. Some were born with dental structures inherited from their family lineage. Others do not have easy access to dental care. Many have various health problems leading to tooth loss and gum disease. Here are five issues related to oral health that may be a sign for you to think about getting dentures.

Missing Teeth

After losing several teeth over a period of years or due to an accident, some individuals feel embarrassed about their appearance. They want to find a dental solution that can restore the appearance of attractive, healthy teeth that will instill confidence and comfort. Others lose enough teeth to cause discomfort when eating or a lisp when speaking, prompting them to look for ways to address those problems. Denture implants can help to improve the way a person looks, eats, or speaks by providing a uniform smile and balanced teeth, both uppers and lowers.

Damaged Teeth

Your teeth may be damaged from several causes, like disease, medication, or neglect over time. After a certain point, damaged teeth may become unattractive and cause discomfort. They will likely need to be extracted to reduce or eliminate pain and prepare your mouth for substitute or replacement teeth.

Gum Issues

Periodontal disease is caused by factors like heredity, serious illness such as cancer, and other situations. Gums that bleed, are swollen, or become painful make it difficult to speak clearly or eat comfortably. Treating the gum disease might fix only part of the problem and cause remaining teeth to become loose or fall out. Depending on the severity of the problem, dentures might be the best way to restore dental functions.

Jaw Problems

A misaligned jaw is not uncommon. Having both upper and lower jaws out of alignment might lead to the need for orthodontic treatment. However, if some of your teeth are tilted, twisted, or chipped, they may need to be removed before orthodontic treatment can be implemented. Following treatment with braces, you may decide to get dentures to replace the missing teeth that had to be extracted.

Mouth Size

Occasionally, the shape or size of a person's mouth might restrict the options that are likely to be successful in replacing damaged or missing teeth. Instead of protracted mouth widening treatment or extensive orthodontia, dentures might be the more direct and effective answer.

If you have any of these problems or others that are disrupting your oral health, talk to your dentist about effective dental care and the advisability of dentures.

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