Article marketing is generally regarded in terms with how effective it is at traffic generation however it has others advantages many tend to overlook. This particular strategy involves using content as a means to attract readers to sites containing material relevant to the article itself. In this way writing and publishing content has proven to be a reliable means of traffic generation. This strategy however offers the author other advantages that are not as easily recognize but are vital in the development of the business foundation itself.

Here are 5 very important but subtle benefits that any author or business can expect to experience when using content as a traffic generation tool when working online.

You Learn to Create Content

Using content as a marketing strategy is a very effective way to grow your online business. Of course the more information you are able to circulate the more effective this strategy becomes. It therefore stands to reason that the more you write the better you will become at finding and developing all the information you will need. Practice makes perfect!

You Continue Your Education

Working online you will find it necessary to continue your education in the field you have chosen just to stay competitive. By conducting research to gather information for your writing purposes you are increasing your knowledge base at the same time. In so many words the more you write the more informed you become!

Your Original Content Can Be Used Again

By learning to be creative or resourceful when publishing content you can find multiple uses for the same piece of information. By slightly 'reworking' some of your literary efforts you can 'adapt' them to other areas of your marketing strategy such as an email series, newsletter, viral report and so on. In this way you can get a lot more results from a one time effort on your part.

You Create an Awareness

The most obvious reason for circulating free information, in whatever form around online is for traffic generation. No matter what form your writing efforts may take, before publishing always be sure to include a link back to your site within the body of your work!

You Build a Brand

Assuming that whatever it is you are composing is consistently relevant to your line of work or niche, you can also develop an online brand. The two biggest factors you need to work for you in the branding process is exposure and repetition and when publishing content consistently, you have got both!

As effective as article marketing may be at traffic generation it also offers other benefits that help to build a solid business foundation. Writing and publishing content helps to build awareness and instill a brand image along with increasing the knowledge pool and skills of the authors. These are assets, as reviewed above, that are invaluable to the growth and development of any online business. What other marketing strategy can you think of that offers so many benefits as deeply rooted as those associated with using content?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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