Many people believe that hunting and fishing isn't allowed in national parks. The truth is they allows hunting at various times of the year on more than 51 million acres of the land it manages- approximately 60 percent of the NPS’ total acreage.

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Of course, it’s true that many areas managed by the National Park Service do not allow for consumptive sports. Fortunately, FarWide can help you identify which areas allow recreational hunting and fishing. Here are some spots you can Go Hunting in National Parks.

Elk Hunting in Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton has two areas that allow Elk Hunting opportunities in late October, November and December: Area 79, along the northeast edge of the park, and Area 75, along the Snake River. As part of an annual elk reduction program, the National Park Service allows hunters with a valid Wyoming elk hunting license and a park permit to harvest elk as part of the program. To participate, hunters will need to contact the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

Turkey Hunting Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Oklahoma’s Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a great area for a variety of outdoor sporting opportunities. Hunters can harvest quail, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, dove, ducks, geese and deer. Fall archery Turkey Hunting Season starts on October 1 statewide.

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