As a recruiter, I almost never see different article publication references listed on the resumes of young, recent college graduates or, for that matter, executive level applicants. Having the word "author" on your resume is a heck of a lot better than not having it. Additionally, as discussed below, employment related ambitions is just one of the benefits someone or any particular company can bring away from implementing an online article marketing campaign.

Job Search

"So, Sally what have you been doing since December?"

This is an answer that many job seekers do not have a great answer to; some fail to have an answer at all. Yes, the considered applicant may have formulated a blog, however any Average Joe can go to a free blog site, download the software and set a mediocre conversation piece within minutes. There is nothing impressive about this and employers know it.

Rather than the aforementioned tactic, to have links on your resume to various Ezine Sites that publish your articles allude to the fact that you are somewhat of an expert on the topic. When it comes to submitting a resume, I would much rather be the applicant who has links to reputable Ezine sites that have published their articles as opposed to someone with an everyday blog listed on their CV.

Online Marketing Campaigns for Your Business or Personal Blog

One of, if not the biggest part of a successful online marketing or SEO campaign, is building low Alexa Ranking, high PR anchor text (HTML) backlinks to various pages of a website. There is no better way to do this than article marketing.

More or less, for every article you or someone in your office writes, your company is almost guaranteed 8+ PR6 links, 4 PR7 links, a multitude of PR5 links and inclusion into several submission sites that have a PR4 ranking, but still remain reputable in the eyes search engines.

For any business, large or small, you can't beat the price of article marketing. This is the cheapest (essentially free) way to build the aforementioned relevant, reputable backlinks to your various landing pages. If implemented properly, after some time and dedication to an article marketing campaign, your company or personal blog should see a jump in your Google, Bing and / or Yahoo rankings.

Improved Writing Skills

Writing skills are so important, and as email is increasing more and more as the way humans correspond both personally and professionally, effective, succinct writing is a must. Just like anything else, writing takes practice; the more you do it, the better you get.

To refer back to the employment benefits previously mentioned, upon formulating a thank you note following an interview, you are going to want your writing skills as sharp as possible. With an unemployment rate that continues to grow with no end in sight, you must separate yourself from the pack of applicants any way possible. Consistent proofreading is no substitute from the skills one brings away from article marketing either.


Since the majority of the Ezine Sites track the number of readers to your articles, writing becomes an enjoyable challenge in which you try to better your statistics with every article. This is will also allow you to gauge what is and is not popular / needed in the job market.

Consistent writing on various topics with subsequent reader analysis in conjunction with tracking the fluctuations of article viewers / responses, can only result in positive things. One of which may turn into an enjoyable hobby for years to come. The other positive take-away can be a more fruitful, marketable resume.

Consistent Learning

When you write about new topics, you are forced to learn to new subjects. When you are forced to do learn new subjects, you are required to study. Studying and topic research are just two things that can be both fun for the article enthusiast, job seeker or business professional.

In no situation can learning be a negative thing. Yes, you may come across various topics and opinions that you disagree with, but the takeaway is that you are learning. Continued learning is the foundation of success.

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