Project Loon is a current undertaking by Google that offers many possible scenarios but its intended purpose is to carry internet signals to the most remote regions on earth! The concept is to deliver signals to those who can't find internet service otherwise by deflecting signals off high altitude balloons from stations back on earth!

What we're discussing below, regardless of whether Google fails or not on their mission, is what kind of mayhem thousands of high altitude balloons can cause back on earth!

Balloons Shot Down As Drones

Having thousands of high altitude balloons 'randomly' floating along in the earth's stratosphere is bound to 'trigger' reactions from countries around the world! Due to the increase use of drones as a means for gathering information or even launching localized airstrikes, many nations are already on edge! Project Loon which has noble intentions of delivering internet signals to remote regions world wide, can easily be misinterpreted as unfriendly aircraft! The obvious response would be to shoot them down and this is a possibility that must be addressed!

Earth Litter

After months of colliding in mid-air with one another or even being shot down by military aircraft thousands of 'space balloons' now litter the earth! The question here is who's responsible for the clean-up of such a mess! Yahoo suggest those responsible for launching these 'dangerous' airborne obstructions should also be responsible for the clean-up as well! It is also suggested that a hefty fine be issued but this suggestion is dismissed as part of Yahoo's 'sour grapes' attitude and their hopes that Google fails to achieve their objective!

Space Litter

What is there to keep these balloons from breaking free of the earths atmosphere and floating out into space? This scenario is another realistic and possible occurrence that is best addressed beforehand and NOT after it occurs! The human race as a whole has already done a fine job of polluting the planet and continuing these 'habits' by littering space with debris should NOT be acceptable! Yes it is noble and even can be considered important to extend internet service to the entire globe HOWEVER not at the expense of the environment!

Increase In UFO Sightings

Fighter jets from multiple nations are scrambled to intercept what appears to be a massive all out alien invasion! Yes this is something that could feasibly happen if these balloons are not accurately identified by ground radar! Once again this is something that can occur whether Google fails or not with this project since these balloons have already been launched! Global mass hysteria is not, I assume, the intention of Project Loon!

Yahoo Protests

After buying out 'Balloons Are Us' Yahoo fails miserably at mimicking Project Loon resulting in them filing a formal complaint with the FAA! Claiming unmanned balloons are a hazard to air traffic Yahoo attempts to keep Google from launching any more balloons citing airborne safety! Oh course this complaint is actually a thinly veiled attempt to stay competitive with the big G! If you can't beat them at least hold them back!

Project Loon offers many possible scenarios regardless of whether Google fails in their bid to deliver internet signals to remote regions around the world! 5 of these scenarios are offered above and although they may seem a bit humorous, all except for Yahoo's protesting this project are actually something to consider! This idea is brilliant in its simplicity to deliver internet service without burying costly cable lines but it remains to be seen if it will be viewed as dangerous or even irresponsible to air travel or otherwise!

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