Potholes can wreak havoc in our lives because they destroy our well being and sabotage our personal growth.

Most, if not all drivers are familiar with potholes, and many of us have probably had some unpleasant experiences with them.
Those deep,rough ,holes in the streets or highways made by wear and weathering,can cause serious damage to any car,luxury or compact,foreign or made in the USA.
No matter where one lives, pot holes are things to be reckoned with and avoided whenever possible because of the damage they cause.

By definition, potholes are deep,rough holes made by wear and weathering ,and they are usually associated with cars and driving, but by that same definition,potholes can be mental obstructions,and can they wreak havoc in our lives because they often destroy our well being and sabotage our personal growth.
Following are five(5) potholes that should be avoided because of the negative impact they have on our personal growth efforts:
1. Procrastination: This does not happen over night,and like a pothole, it will stunt and stifle all efforts to move forward if it is not checked in time.Developing the habit of doing things now, or quickly, will repair this pothole;

2. Ingratitude: Having an attitude of entitlement tells everyone that I am not grateful for what I have,and I expect more and think that I deserve more;it does not matter if I have not done the work to obtain what I think I deserve. Forming an attitude of gratitude for what I have,and not comparing what I have or do not have to others,is the best way to repair this pothole;

3. Idleness: This one needs very little explanation, because no matter how competent one happens to be, if there is little or no action taken,the desired goals will not be reached. Daily, relevant action is needed to rid oneself of idleness;

4. Envy: Defined as being discontent, or dissatisfied with what one has, this mental pothole is similar to ingratitude.We think we deserve what the other person has, but we have not considered how long or how many sacrifices the person has made to get what he or she has. This pothole is worse than jealousy,but it can be repaired the same way as ingratitude;

5. Selfishness: Everyone understands the meaning of this word, but the focus seemingly, remains on "I", "Me". Zig Zigler, the popular author,speaker, said it best: "You can get whatever you want if you help enough people get what they want". This pothole,like the others,does not develop overnight, but when it becomes ingrained,it is difficult to change,and the results are similar to one driving and getting stuck in a deep hole.
Consider helping as many people as you can while on your way to the top.See if Zig's opinion is true.

Potholes,whether physical or mental, are very damaging,and they hinder us from reaching our goals. Let's examine our actions and see what we can do now to repair the potholes in our lives.

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Barbara J Henry, is an award winning former high school English teacher who also has a law degree that is quite useful to her.
She is currently an inspirational speaker and author who has written two books: Journaling: Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now,(2008), and Coming Full Circle, Poems,prayers,quotes,promoting hope, faith, and personal growth(2012).
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