Mantras are life changing statements spoken repeatedly with an aim to move one’s conscious into believing and living as the statement professes.
Mantras give medicine to the soul and calm the mind while bringing to life what your inner being yearns for.
Although mantras began in India from ancient Vedic Hinduism and are known as an Indian sacred practice, they are something that many other cultures and religions around the world have adopted so lovingly.
During a Mantra chanting, people confess powerful words over their lives either silently or aloud.
It is believed that mantras bring healing, success, fight depression and stress, and provide a healthy mind and soul.
There are many types of mantras but the Sanskrit mantras (.Read more about Sanskrit mantras) are the most powerful and effective in handling daily life troubles.
Here are the 5 most powerful Mantras that if chanted often will transform your life forever.

I’m the sky, everything else is just the weather

There is soo much power in knowing that you are limitless.
That’s why this mantra is awesome. There will always be troubles but just like how the clouds come out and lightning strikes, no trouble stays forever. Its only for a short while and it passes.
And since the sky is above the rain, it doesn't get hurt by the rain. That is who you are.
You live above the trouble, above the hurt and above the pain and so none of this should hurt you.
This mantra works wonders for anyone facing giants of problems. Chant it countless times throughout the day and you will come back to thank me.

I am beautiful, resilient and enough

I believe that this mantra is the most important mantra to anyone that doesn't feel beautiful.
It helps you accept your body the way it is and
People who feel overweight, who is recovering from a chronic disease that caused damage to their bodies, or people who feel judged for their looks.
If you say this mantra twice a day, by the end of the month, you will have chanted it 62 times and before it even reaches the 62nd time, it will have sunk in your mind and transformed you to really feel beautiful and enough.

I have everything I need to heal

This mantra takes you away from focusing on misery, hate and pain that is within you and replaces them with joy, healing
It helps you recognize that you are your own source of peace, joy, and abundance.
It’s a great mantra to chant when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed.
Also during the times when you feel low.
When you do this, you attract the right people and resources to give you the abundance of joy that you need.

I surrender my worries to God

It’s a beautiful feeling to know that you can rely on someone that is above and supernatural.
Some people chant this mantra through prayer but it becomes more a part of your life if you assign it upon yourself to confess the mantra at a separate time and not only when you pray.
This mantra carries the burdens off your shoulder and places them in the hands of the supreme being that you trust in.
But it only works if you truly believe that there is a God somewhere.
If you have a spiritual guide, ask them to guide you on how many times you should chant this mantra depending on the situation you are going through.

I am loved and supported

If you don’t believe that you are loved, no one is going to love you.
Love starts from the inside and then manifests to others so that you can attract them to love you.
Chant the mantra “I am loved and supported” 30 times a day.
Confess it 10 times in the morning when you wake up and 10 times when you go to bed. Then find some time to meditate and chant it in the silence of your meditation.
You will never remain the same.


To help keep focused and persistent, it’s good to have a spiritual guide help you in the process of chanting mantras.
Besides personal mantras, there are other forms of mantras that are considered sacred Spiritual guides offer a listening ear and help align mantras that work in your situation.
You can read more about mantras here

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