Many of us struggle with procrastination; you’re not alone. And you are not alone in thinking that it will never end. The good news is, you can begin stopping procrastination now. It won’t end immediately, but you can start the process now.

These 5 tips will help you begin.

1. Make a commitment now to stopping procrastination. This may seem like a very simple and even silly approach; of course you want to stop. But this commitment will have a powerful effect on your mind and your self-conscious. When you make a firm commitment to really stop procrastinating, and begin to follow through on that commitment, your mind gets the message, and you gain self-confidence. You begin to recover from the damage of your procrastination.

2. Look at the obligations you have made, and decide which ones you can keep. If you have been procrastinating badly, the odds are that you cannot do everything you have agreed to do. That cannot be helped at this point. Trying to do it, when you simply cannot, will only make the situation worse. You have to be honest about the situation and do what you can to fix it, including acknowledging what you cannot do.

3. Release yourself from the obligations and commitments you are unable to meet. This is necessary, and better than continuing to just not do it and not acknowledge it. You must be honest and do your best to make up for any damage. This is the only way to fix the situation. You will build a new life, without procrastination, where you do meet your obligations, but at the moment, you are not able to do that. You must find another solution.

4. Reaffirm the obligations you can keep, but make plans that allow you to actually do what you say you will, without overloading yourself or falling back into procrastination. Do not just fall back on your previous way of working; that has not worked. Make a solid plan to stop procrastinating and work in a new way.

5. Work steadily, but do not worry about how fast you are working or the rate at which you get things done. This simply doesn’t matter right now. You just have to get things done, and done right. You can work on speed and efficiency later. Right now, just effectiveness.

The process of stopping procrastination can start immediately, but it will continue for some time. Congratulations on making a start.

Author's Bio: 

Angie Dixon is now a successful author and coach, but once struggled to get through the day. Suffering from mental illness, Angie set out to discover how to live after spending a total of a month on the psych ward and finally finding effective medication for her physical illness. In the years since, she has mastered procrastination and learned to live her real life. She is the author of Procrastinate Later, The Leonardo Trait: Create the Life You Were Born to Live, Your Heart's Work, and too many other books and programs to mention here.