The majority of people nowadays lead their businesses online. Among the advantages of starting an eCommerce business we can surely mention the fact, that geographical distance does not matter. This is really beneficial as it plays a great role in expanding and enlarging businesses. It as well gives an opportunity to buy and sell anytime 24/7. Internet community grows day by day and with the growth of it buying and selling online has become very popular for both products and services. The high demand for online retailing shows that online business owners will soon entice consumers away from their brick and mortar competitors. However, with information growth, a great amount of content and with the entrance of new online businesses, it becomes impossible without SEO and eCommerce SEO service strategies, affiliate programs or any other current trends.
One of the best areas of using AI in business we can surely mention the current online industry. Let's have a look some AI trends that will have an influence on the eCommerce industry.

More accurate and flexible search options

People get nervous in searching for a product or a service that takes much time to find and instead of receiving irrelevant content. Most people even react very negatively when the search suggestions are unrelated to the searched items. Thus, improving accuracy in order to cover customer's needs is very important, otherwise, the majority of people will not only ignore the information but also will leave the website. So, will it be better or worse in the future? Surely better with the help of Artificial Intelligence, as it helps search engines much their needs. AI impact search and SEO. It not only makes more semantic search but also it offers distinctive search options based on image search as well as voice recognition.

Visual Search

AI tools are customer-orientated. Its technology solutions are the best for improving the current marketplace. For things that seemed we cannot describe in words or it is difficult to find in voice search, the visual search comes into help. This is especially convenient with fashion and lifestyle products. You just need to upload the image and will find the exact item you need. Visual search allows the customers to find the needed item without knowing where to find and which brand it is. It has become one of the greatest innovations of eCommerce, and with the development of it, it holds a strong promise to it in the future as well.

Smarter AI Assistance and Chatbots

Providing assistance is an indivisible part of every business and customer service strategy. There are moments when customer service representatives are not available, and because of this, marketers may use their potential clients. Here chatbots come to help. Chatbots use deep learning process, through which they always get accurate results. This is a great means of all business aspects. It is possible to do this process through messenger-like systems and other social media platforms. AI advances allow chatbots to understand lexical and grammatical structures. Due to this, the customer gets the chance to save much time and get the needed information.

Better Segmentation and Targeting

Segmentation is determining and grouping the customers together based on some characteristics (it can be age, gender, favourite brand, preferences), and after this, through targeting, decide which group your business is best off to serve. Customer segmentation will help you to:
Matching the offered product or service with customer's needs and demands.
Improve product or service based on customer's needs and demands.
The new trend of segmentation helps to find out real customers and with the right messages as well by concentrating the marketing efforts choose the proper groups, whose needs more correspond to the product or service the marketer suggests.

Logistics based on 100% automation

Nearly in every field of business, we can meet automation. Artificial intelligence has brought automation to many eCommerce businesses. Among such companies, we can mention which is a vital example of successful online business. Their aim is 100% automation. Thus this business does not need any human interference. Its success is evident and is considered as one of the greatest leaders in eCommerce.
The 100% automation will help people in cutting costs, increasing the revenue and saving money. Those who will use this trend in their businesses are sure, that automation can make businesses more productive and will save much time.

Artificial Intelligence is suited to the products and services that are suggested to eCommerce customers very perfectly. Through the advantage that it has all the needed information about customer's search inquiries, purchases, etc. it analyzes buying history and current needs and ''appears'' in the right place at the right time. So, what will be in the future? There at least will be a lot of fan and innovations in with new coming AI trends. There will be a lot of changes in SEO and eCommerce SEO service strategies. This changes will make the online world another nice place to lead businesses.

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Susan Mour is a marketing and creative content specialist at with a primary focus on SEO, PPC and customer satisfaction for eCommerce business. Being a true humanist she draws inspiration from the simple thing as everyday life and the matters one come across on a daily bases doing her best and above to help everyone around.