Between the morning rush, traffic and our to-do list waiting for us at our desks, it can be hard to have positive and relaxing mornings, let alone commutes. According to a recent survey by Car Rentals on mental blocks and morning commutes, a stressful commute can be a major contributor to mental blocks and therefore hinder our focus and productivity.

In the survey, they also found that nearly 40% of Americans between the ages of 18-24 think about work on their morning commute. This age group also happens to be most prone to experience road rage––figures. To avoid or at least lessen the number of times your experience a mental block, we thought we’d share some simple practices you can do during your commute that will help start your day on a clear, refreshed mind.

1. Say Your Goals Out Loud

2. Find Zen Before a Big Presentation

3. Disconnect From Work

4. Recite Positive Mantras

5. Listen to a Fun Podcast

It’s good to keep in mind that stressing over things you can’t control or haven’t even started working on yet can cause more harm than good. Try to tackle one task at a time to avoid any unnecessary stress. By adopting these simple yet healthy practices on your way to work, you’ll be able to reset your mind each morning and get to work on a much lighter mood.

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