The air conditioner is arguably one of the busiest home and office appliances. The AC, in some offices, start the day with the opening of the office and ends the day’s work when the office closes. Considering how valuable this appliance is, it only better to care for them as much as they work. Proper care will prevent you from consecutive AC repair. Here are 5 great practices that will help you keep your ventilation unit durable.

Use a reliable and compatible power surge protector:

A power surge protector will protect your unit from harsh conditions such as electric shock or the frying up of the electrical panel. A power surge can complicate the issues of your ventilating unit and affect other non-electrical components. To avoid this problem, get a good power surge protector.

Create a clear path for airflow:

Either at home or in your office, let there be a clear path for airflow within the house, especially if you have installed a central unit. An improper chance for ventilation with obstructing pieces of furniture, piles of loads, and an overcrowded area will cause the AC to do more work. Overworking wearies out the AC system, soon. It may be the reason for uneven temperature distribution to different parts of the house.

Change/Clean the air filter often:

Sometimes, the reason why your air conditioner won’t work well is because it has dirt trapped in its filter. A clogged air duct can reduce the overall efficiency of your AC system by 20%. Hence, cultivate the habit of regularly cleaning your filter; once in two months is a good timeframe. The ventilation system’s filter gets dirty due to airborne dirt particles and dust. The eventuality of a clogged air duct is a break down that will be more expensive to tend to. Change it while you can.

Consider installing a thermostat:

A thermostat will help your AC work more efficiently. Typically, a thermostat has a motion sensor to know the presence of a human in the house and room temperature; it will help your AC to automatically adjust its temperature as needed. This reduces outrageous power usage and bills and protects the unit from overworking itself.

Clean the fins:

On the outside part of the conditioning unit, make sure you clean the cooling fins, too. This would mean you have to open up the fin with an eligible screwdriver to get access to the fins. Fins, like the air filter, can also reduce the efficiency of your AC system. Hence, take time to carefully clean your AC’s fin. Low-Pressure water from a hose is the most suitable with a soft brush. Always wash from inside out.

NOTE: While trying to work on your AC, always remember to disconnect it from the power source before working on it.

If you have tried these routines but still have issues with your ventilation unit, call an expert. One who renders AC repair and maintenance services knows what to look out for (if the fault is electrical, chemical or mechanical) and how best to go about it.

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