As the economy took a downslide, I have seen a lots of friends come to me asking how they can get a job for the company I work at. They didn’t want to take just any job and start at the bottom. My question back to them is why not? The answer I got in return was generally they had an MBA and feel it’s beneath their ability or they use to run their own company, didn’t want to start at the bottom of a different company. It’s tough to swallow, but if you believe in the opportunity, the success is yours for the taking.
I started literally at the bottom of the company, received 3 promotions before I broke through to management and wouldn’t have it any other way. It has made me a better manager, gives me great understanding how the company works better than most, and feel if I ever decided to leave; I would be an incredible asset to that company. My experience has been completely invaluable.

1. Change your Mindset: Do not act like the work is beneath you, go in everyday with I am going to do this and I am going to be incredible at it because I do already have great experience, and if I show them what I know, opportunity will come my way.

2. Be Willing to Learn: Take everything in, the people that are at the bottom are usually experts in their area and can really give you the insight into not only how to do something more efficiently but gives you an insight for opportunity to save the company money and productivity.

3. Volunteer: Volunteering on sub-teams or for charity at your company, not only gives you opportunities for networking but also it’s always good to give back.

4. Take a Chance: Set-up meetings with your one-up manager on a regular basis, show what your working on , and ask for more work or projects that are more strategic to take off their plate, they will find if you free up their time, you become more valuable.

5. Give Thanks: Appreciate your teammates on a regular basis. Give them a Thank You note, make sure if they came up with an idea you are giving them credit even if you are the one implementing the idea. Your team members can make or break you, especially if they have been there a long time, so be sure you give credit and thanks where it’s due.

Author's Bio: 

Christine Ruble works at a CPG company, and previously wrote the book Fly Paper for Freaks about dating after divorce, she lives in Cincinnati ,Ohio with her husband and 5 boys.