When most people think of framing their artwork, they think about choosing an art frame that will show you photos, paintings or other artwork to its best effect while matching their home's décor. However, there is much more to choosing a picture frames than just how it makes your artwork, or even how it can enhance your décor. While these things are important, what is most important is protecting your artwork UV rays and other environmental influences that could fade your photos or damage your oil or watercolors. Leading Supplier of Picture Frames and Moulding company Universal Arquati help you Choosing the Right Picture Frames for Your Art. We offer high variety of Picture frames and mouldings in many different finishes like Italian Prime Moulding, Danica, Valucore, Edge,Country Color Floaters and more.

Here are a few tips that should help you choose the right picture frames for your artwork.

1. Consider the Space You're Hanging Your Art Work In - Before purchasing those picture frames you need to first consider the space where your artwork will be hanging. Will you be hanging your artwork on a large wall space or in a small area? Will this be only item hanging on the wall or will be one of several pictures of photo frames, or will be hanging among other artwork and need to have the frame match or blend in with other frames in the area. You'll also need to consider the color and pattern of wallpaper or paneling before selecting a frame.

2. Pick Your Pictures Carefully - You are also going to want to choose the pictures you want to be framed carefully. Ask yourself is the picture your framing is something you are going to enjoy looking at constantly day after day. Are you looking to create a wall of memories of special times and events, or do you prefer landscapes or even abstracts?

3. Template Your More Elaborate Layouts - If you are looking to hang a number of different photo or picture frames in a certain area or on a certain wall then making a template before hanging those art frames will help you to determine the order in which the pictures are hung as well the correct spacing to make everything look eye-catching.

4. Color is Catchy - When most people buy an art frame, they tend to stay with the basics choosing black, white, wood look, or gold or silver frames, however, there are times when colored frames can help your artwork and your décor stand out. Colored photo frames look great on walls and in rooms with little color. They can also work great on more colorful walls once you decide whether you want matching or contrasting colors from the wallpaper itself.

5. Customize Your Frame Don't Cut Your Picture! - All too often when people have the awkward size or shaped picture, they compromise the picture by cutting it to fit into standardized frames. Rather than cutting your picture why not consider getting a customized frame to keep the integrity and beauty of the picture.

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