When it comes to teaching toddlers, it is essential to plan effective lessons. Teachers need to make them engaging, meaningful and link to the personal experiences of the little learners in the class. Helping them connect what
Understand the ways how children learn the best
It is crucial to get the teaching approach right to ensure the whole experience turns out fruitful for the kids. Teachers soon realize that kids train and undergo development at different rates and in diverse methods. Some learn quickly while others are slow. Imparting lessons without understanding them can turn out to be wasteful or damage their prospects. An early childhood care education course can make teachers more skilled and adept in the classroom.

Include learning activities that contribute to their overall development
Teachers should make every attempt that they adapt educational activities that revolve around the requirements of the children and ensure their physical, intellectual, social, and linguistic development.
Changing and mixing activities is the best way to keep children motivated in learning and other co-curricular activities. At the same time, it would be foolish to expect young kids to be attentive or concentrated for long periods because it results in frustration and behavioral issues. So designing classes and lessons as per the needs of the toddlers is the need of the hour.

Understand that play brings spontaneity & stimulates their natural curiosity to learn
In the phase of early childhood, children tend to be curious and inquisitive, and interested to learn about everything and anything. This natural or innate motivation is the best ally of teachers. Recognizing what they are keen on doing and learning will help educators know what grabs and hold their attention.
From toys to cartoons to blocks to dolls, children should be given opportunities to play and learn through these activities. Learning through play is meaningful for toddlers and can help them explore new things and bring out the best creativity in them. From sunflower word family to pipe cleaner constellations to lego coding maze to decoder wheel to sand play to sidewalk chalk letters, there are plenty of things educators can do in class to help the little minds learn through play. Opting for an early childhood care education courses can give them an idea about what activities can work for kids and stimulate their learning and bring out their innate curiosity.

Make them feel motivated and confident
Teachers at the early childhood level must ensure they encourage kids so they feel confident and motivated to learn. Admiring their perseverance when they find something tough will keep them going. This will help stimulate their mentality to grow– that is, their keenness to embark on learning.

Support learning through challenges
The challenge helps in keeping kids stay motivated. Story-telling activities not only boost and enhance their English language skills but build their creativity at the same time. Even words of songs or rhymes, teach them new words and sounds. Encouraging a child’s growth by means of unforgettable challenges like rhymes and music will build a positive attitude towards learning English that would lead to future success.

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