Hosting a successful fitness event is a huge undertaking, a massive challenge, and one of the most rewarding things you can do to serve your target audience.

Fitness events bring communities together while helping teams and families form lasting bonds that stretch beyond the office, the gym, and the playground.

At AFC, we’ve produced and partnered on dozens of fitness promotions and events over the past several decades. Through a lot of trial and error, we’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting people involved and excited about their fitness and health.

If you need to produce an event that is well-attended, gets the attention of leaders in your industry, and provides maximum value to your target market, simply follow this 5-step system:

Step One: Be of service

It’s great to have goals for your fitness event, but don’t let your hunger for success supersede your desire to be of service to your audience.

The best events we’ve hosted, from our “You Gotta Move” MECKids contest to our Walk It OFFice wellness event for adults, were created and executed from a place of service to our participants. All of the other benefits of hosting a successful event were merely icing on the cake.

Step Two: Define your audience

A great fitness promotion or event is targeted toward a specific audience, target market, or community. The best way to be of service to your customers is to first define who, exactly, you want to serve.

While MECKids is focused on kids and their families, we streamline our targeting for each event we produce in order to appeal to even more specific demographics.

Our “momNmeFit” event, for instance, targets mothers with school-aged children, while our “Walk It OFFice” event is geared toward employees in the legal profession.

Step Three: Solve a specific problem

Obesity in 6 to 11-year olds has more than doubled over the past two decades.

That’s a very specific problem that our MECKids “You Gotta Move” event was created to solve. Once you have identified who you’re serving, take a close look at their most pressing fitness and health concerns.

Some groups will resonate with an event focused on weight loss, while others will love learning about healthy cooking and eating habits.

Make sure the goal of your event is for attendees to leave with actionable tips they can take home and implement once the event is over. In this way, your fitness event will provide value to attendees during the event and help them to make lifelong improvements.

Step Four: Integrate with technology

The foundation of our “Walk it OFFice” and “Lose to Win” events is the ability to integrate an interactive health and wellness tracking system for employees spread out in different locations which allows them to monitor their fitness goals online.

By using technology to get employees excited about fitness, we’ve built a loyal tribe of followers that jump to attend every live event we produce. Using technology to promote live events, and using live events to complement technology, are two powerful ways to increase your reach and event attendance.

Step Five: Focus on team-building

Whether we’re partnering with Microsoft to help kids track their fitness, or launching a 90-day walking challenge for corporate employees, our focus is on building supportive teams and communities.
The best fitness promotions and events leverage the power of groups and teams to help everyone involved meet their fitness goals.

Your next fitness promotion or event is sure to be a success! Simply remember to stay focused on service, define your target market, solve a tangible problem, use technology as a tool, and focus on team-building.

We talk the talk, but can we really walk the (fitness event) walk? See for yourself by attending our next fitness event:

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The Race for Every Child to benefit Children's National Health System is a fun-filled annual family event with a serious purpose: To bring the Washington metropolitan community together to encourage children's health and wellness and to raise much-needed funds that help the region's only children's hospital provide world-class preventive and critical medical care to every family in need. We are excited to be part of the amazing event! Join Our Team!:

Author's Bio: 

Fran Dean Bishop is an award winning business coach and CEO with 20 years in the health management industry. She founded Aerobodies Fitness Company, now AFC Management Services, in 1994 as a corporate service provider of health promotion, fitness management and behavior change programs for the private sector and federal agencies. Fran also designed and launched two successful health technology innovations, MyEquilibriumCoach and She holds a bachelor's degree in communications and marketing from George Mason University, as well as a certificate in executive leadership coaching from Georgetown University. When she’s not working on a cool project for AFC or MECKids Fran loves vacationing with her husband Timothy and mentoring young women in health and STEM opportunities.