Pull-ups are simply one of the finest bodyweight exercises that can be carried out for your upper body. Pull-ups work your shoulders, arms, abs, and back working just about every muscle in the upper body. They can be done almost everywhere that you can find something to cling from. We all know about the normal pull-up. This exercise in itself demands excellent power and if you cannot execute at least 12 common pull-ups consecutively then I advise you not to try any of these advanced pull-up versions until you can.

1) "L" Sit Pull-Ups - No other bodyweight exercise can tone your midsection like the L-sit pull-up. Executing a set of these calls for the strength of a gymnastics athlete. The major focus of this exercise is your form. While hanging from the bar in a starting pull-up position, raise your feet up so that your legs are directly out and parallel to the ground. Proceed to do as many pull-ups as you can while holding your legs in place and preserving the "L" position.

2) Weighted Pull-Ups - This pull-up variation is the exercise that will give you great strength increases as well as the back of a greek god. The best way to add weight to your pull-ups is invest in a weighted vest, but if you want a cheaper way to execute the weighted pull-up you have a few options. First, if you have dumbbells, you can stand a dumbbell on its end directly under your feet when hanging from the pull-up bar. Wrap your feet around the handle of the dumbbell, just under the weight on the top side and start performing weighted pull-ups. Another way to do weighted pull-ups for less cost is to put some weight in a knapsack. When doing this, I recommend wearing the backpack on your chest for more shoulder work and on your back to emphasize the lats.

3) Wide Grip Side Pull-ups - Start out with your hands gripping the bar as wide as possible but still comfy enough to do a pull-up. For this exercise, pick one of your gripping hands, either your left of your right, and pull your chin directly over that hand. Lower yourself back to the starting position and keep going, switching which hand you pull to on each rep. This exercise will put a higher percentage of the load on one pulling arm causing your strength to skyrocket. This pull-up variation is also an excellent way to build up sufficient strength to do a one armed pull-up.

4) One Arm Pull-up - Performing a one armed pull-up is incredibly challenging and takes superhero. If you can successfully do numerous one armed pull-ups, then congratulations...give yourself a cool name and go buy yourself a fancy cape.This exercise is prettystraightforward to perform. Simply hang from the bar with one hand and pull. If you need to cheat a little bit then you may grab the forearm of your pulling hand with your non pulling hand.

5) The Hand Clap - OK, this one is showing off but incredibly cool if you want to impress some friends. Start in a normal pull-up position and explode upwards. Release the bar for a quick second and clap your hands in mid air before catching the bar and returning to the beginning position. These are a little risky if your body control is not that good. Don't come crashing down with your chin over the bar. This usually ends up with your jaw wired shut. Good luck!

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Pete Jennings is a certified fitness trainer who trains his clients using bodyweight workouts and writes for bodyweight exercisesreview blog.