Quantitative aptitude is one of the major sections in the MBA exams. It comprises nearly 34% of all the questions in the paper. This section could either make or break your dream to join one of the best MBA institutes in India. Hence, preparing adequately for quants becomes an absolute necessity. However, compared to other sections, understanding quants can become a tough task for some students. It is because certain PUC and UG courses don’t have math in their curriculum, which leads to students losing practice after completing their schooling.

To help you get up to speed, here are the 5 important quant topics you should focus on, which will improve your overall performance in the section.

1. Arithmetic

Topics like percentages, profit & loss, averages, mixtures, time and work, etc come under arithmetic. Since these topics are easy to understand, arithmetic can become a high scoring section in quants. However, it is important to learn the various formulas and techniques that will help you solve the arithmetic questions quickly. You can learn these techniques by reading online or by buying books from reputed authors.

2. Geometry

Geometry is purely based on conceptual understanding. Sums in geometry are solved by applying its properties and theorems. Hence, the ideal way to start studying this topic is by jotting down those properties and theorems, and regularly studying it till you learn it by heart. As the weightage of geometry in most entrance exams in 5-7 questions, solving previous year question papers of the entrance exam you are appearing in is advisable. This will give you an idea about the type of question and its difficulty level.

3. Number system

The number system is a very popular topic amongst exam setters. Questions are asked from topics like unit's digit, reminders, digital root, divisibility rules, real numbers, prime numbers, natural numbers, and whole numbers. These conceptual topics will test your mathematical and logic skills. Hence, you need to be familiar with the concept of cyclicity to solve these questions. Cyclicity is used to find remainders of the number’s unit digit. You will also need to brush up on your school level number system concepts like whole numbers, real numbers etc.

4. Algebra

From school to college and now in MBA entrance exams, Algebra’s portion will remain the same. However, what will change is the time limit in which you will have to solve these sums. Hence, you need to know the fast-solving techniques for algebraic problems. The weightage for algebra is 4-6 questions. Since this is an easy to score section, you should pay attention while studying it.

5. Higher Maths

Higher maths consists of topics like set theory, probability, permutation and combination etc, which you probably either studied in your college or never studied at all. For people falling in the latter category, you might have to give a considerable amount of time to study and understand these topics. Since the weightage of these topics in entrance exams are only 3-4 questions, you can skip this section provided your conceptual clarity of other sections is pretty strong.

These are the topics you should focus on while studying quants. This will help you crack the entrance exam you desire and in turn, will help you join one of the best MBA colleges in Pune and elsewhere. All the best!

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