You are being conned!

Plain and simple, anxiety is the greatest con artist you will ever come across. For 6 years during my battle with panic and anxiety, I always thought that danger was lurking right behind me like a shadow, ready to take my life from me or make me lose my mind completely! What I didn’t know back then that I was responsible for my reactions to the anxiety. This is so important that I need to say it again...I WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY REACTIONS TO THE ANXIETY, and so are you. The choices we make during times of stress, anxiety and panic contribute to the direction our lives go - that's all there is to it. Basically, if you suffer from an anxiety disorder and the accompanying panic attacks, it's crucial to understand that you CAN live life on your terms and not be dragged around by this illusion we give so much respect to called anxiety.

Anxiety doesn't give you the ability to predict the future as much as you may think it does.
I also want to let you in on a little secret I found that worked during the end of my own battles with panic and anxiety: Stop searching for the cause of your panic and anxiety and start figuring out what makes you happy and joyful instead and do more of that! Simple, right? Not really. Getting caught up in trying to eliminate what may be causing your high levels of anxiety could be fuelling your sensitized nerves further. This conscious change in focus is a whole new unknown world for people who suffer from panic and anxiety, but a rewarding one in time.

Let's look at 5 questions you need to answer in detail TODAY if you suffer from an anxiety disorder:

Is there something you worry about on a regular basis that rarely - if ever - has come true?

Is there something you enjoy doing that gives you similar sensations that Anxiety does?

Are you willing to accept a life of struggling with Anxiety? Why not?

Is long term freedom worth the temporary anguish that overcoming your sensitized state and fears requires?

Are you a ‘Certainty Magnet’ (life is repetitive and expected), and how is this contributing to your Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

After much time spent battling my own anxiety demons for so long, I eventually understood something that was very important in my recovery. It was that worrying does NOT prevent negative things from happening. Simple but powerful concept wouldn’t you agree? Don't get fooled into thinking recovery from Generalized Anxiety Disorder is easy. It's a tough road for ANYONE. Pushing through and being realistic about those natural forces that are only trying to keep you safe from what it perceives as a dangerous scenario will keep you from throwing in the towel when things get difficult. I am not a specialized expert and I did it, which means that so can you!

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Dennis Simsek (also known as the anxious athlete) is the founder of the popular end the anxiety audio program that has helped many overcome their anxiety disorder related issues naturally. This is not a 'quick fix' solution but a proven strategy that in time will guarantee your natural recovery from anxiety related issues. Visit now to listen to a sample.