When you have married an Australian resident or those who have an Australian citizenship, you are in need of a spouse visa to help you go to Australia and live there with them. Even though you are applying for the same with referrals from your partner, there are multiple processes that eventually lead up to the approval.

A spouse visa is something that can be obtained temporarily or can be made permanent. It depends on the period of the marriage or even the relationship status and connects that you have with each other.

While applying for a partner visa in Melbourne is a different procedure altogether which may take up to two years, here are a few things to follow to receive quick responses from the visa approval authorities.

Get help from an expert agent

It is only an expert agent who can help you with the spouse visa application. They are the ones who know of the procedure and the documents required to support it. They will help you save up on a lot of money and not make you put forward the application multiple times. Since it takes a very long time for spouse visas to get approved, agents are known to help out with their contacts in work mode. They will ensure that your form is duly filled and that you help with the right documents. All of this, when presented gets approved in no time.

Keep all documents legal

There are cases when people with the urge to infiltrate into Australia have used fake marriage documents. All of these are taken into consideration, and that is the reason why there is such a strict check put on spouse visa approval. When you keep your marriage documents legal and that there is nothing duplicate in it, you can rest assured that your spouse visa will be approved.

The checklist for spouse visa approval

  • There should be valid proof that you have spent a considerable time living together
  • Your relationship should be legalised and genuine
  • There should be evidence of your marriage taking place
  • You both should be of the legal age to get married
  • Your spouse should be able to pass the health checks conducted before visa approval

Make sure you have time in hand

If you think that your spouse would receive a visa in no time, you are completely wrong. Even when a migration agent for a partner visa in Sydney applies on your behalf, it takes time for approval. Looking or a job in Australia and receiving the offer letter can be exciting but you do not know when your visa would be approved. Therefore, keep considerable time in hand and only then apply for jobs once you are in Australia.

Do not rush into anything

Spouse visa approval in Australia takes time, and it is a known fact for all. Therefore, rushing into things can get difficult. There will be the right time when your visa will get approved, and no matter how much you try, the process cannot be sped up.

Author's Bio: 

The author has had experiences with applying for a partner visa in Melbourne and writes this article to help people understand the process of visa application with the help of a migration agent for a partner visa in Sydney.