Getting over a heart break can be a bit little hard than you think it’s right now. Most of the people who have never been heart-broken before think it’s just easy to get over a break up without any issue. To be honest you might fail to get over a break up and this might screw your entire love life.

In this article I’ll share with you ways on how you can move on after a break up. In most of the articles that I do share with you in this blog are mostly from my life experience. Some of the short stories I have been sharing are part of my love life while others are things I experienced from my closest friends.

Have you ever been heart-broken before? I guess almost everyone who is looking for relationship tips and advices at one point of his or her life got his/her heart broken. If you have never been heart-broken don’t wish to fall on that spot. People lose people they love almost every day.

This article came as a result of a song that I was listening to. Sasha Sloan is the artist of the song till it happens to you. In this song she says so much about heart-breaks.
“You will never know how it feels until it happens to you” Is a line of lyric from her song.

I just want to be frank with you. There is no way you can avoid break up in this life. If you have never been hurt before, prepare it for the future. You never know what the future might bring. I have seen people dating for almost 5 years and later on they got their heart broken. In most cases this happens at the time when you least expect it to. It comes in the moment when you are so happy and free of stress with any issues in your relationship. Everything seems so peaceful until when you will find your partner going behind your back.

What is a break up in relationships? Break up is the termination of a relationship between lovers due to some misunderstandings, mistrust or fights. The misunderstanding may be brought due to lack of common view on some things in the relationship. When differences creep in the relationship couples tend to be more divided, in which we all know this creates a distance between lovers. The result of this will be a break up. When one person cheats in the relationship he/she has broken his or her partner’s trust. In most circumstances relationships break up after one of the partner cheats. In some few instances fight between partners due to misunderstandings may result to break up too.

There are so many things that can cause break up, but I can’t talk about them right now. Let me talk of the ways of in which a person can get over a heart break. These are the ways on how a person can move on even after a break up;

1. Admit the fact that it’s over.

You have to admit and appreciate that your relationship with him or her has ended. This is the first way that will help you to move on with your life after break up. Many people get into depression after break ups because they fail to accept this fact. Everything that has a beginning it will also have its end. Don’t remain in denial for something that it has already happened to you. You were happy with him or her for so long. You planned so many things together. You even had imaginary kids and gave them imaginary names when your relationship was at the peak.

You have to remember that we cannot write our own future. We might have expected so much from the relationship we had but deep down everyone in it knew where it would end. Something that will give you a peace of mind after the break up is by admitting that nothing ever stays forever. This will give you an opportunity to start your life again; new life without regrets of the past issues that happened in your previous relationship.

Don’t hold on something that is already broken. It’s impossible to fix a broken glass. Even if you manage to fix it, it will never be the same way as you bought it. Holding onto it, it will only bring you more pain and regrets in your life. It will be so hard for you to love or to trust anyone in your life. In which we all know that not all people who come into our lives have the intention of breaking our hearts.

We have people who want to come into our lives to heal the wounds that we got from our previous relationships. Open your heart and let new people in it and admit that it will never be the same. This is the only way you can move on so easily after a break up. Life is so short to live in your past. Leave the past behind and grab what’s in front of you.

2. Forget about that relationship.

This is another way that can help you to move on after a break up. I know it can be so hard to forget about your previous relationship. People break up due to some of the negative things that happened at the end. This doesn’t mean that the whole relationship consisted of negative vibes. In every bad relationship that people go through there is always brighter part in it.

What I know it can be so hard to erase are the memories you had with the person you used to care about. You also have to understand that you have no choice but to forget that person. The more you keep on hanging onto the memories you had with him/her the more you will be hurting yourself. If you want to move after the break up you have to forget about what you had. Try harder to occupy your mind with new things and focus on what matters most in your life.

Open your mind and fill it with new memories. After a break up don’t just sit in your room thinking hard about the spilled milk on the floor. This will never help you to get over that heart break. It’s time to let the old memories go because they are no longer a part of you. You deserve something beautiful and colorful that can make your life meaningful. Move forward and put a veil between you and your past, with this way you will be able to move on so quick that you will surprise your ex.

3. Have fun.

It’s a short sentence. “Have Fun”
It may be a short sentence but it has a magnificent healing power over heart breaks. If you want to get over a break up, I strongly recommend you to have fun. Have fun with different people, crack jokes with them and schedule more activities together. When you get heart-broken don’t sit and mourn over it. The more you sit down and contemplate about what happened in your previous relationship the more it will hurt you.

The remedy of heart break is to have fun. Go to an extent of doing activities that you have never done before. Explore different games that will make you happy and forget about your past. When you involve yourself in things that makes you happy and occupy your mind there is no time the flashes of heart break will come in your mind. Let say if you do get them they will not be intensified as compared to when you will be laying idle.

This can help you so much to get over a break up. If you are not a fun of games you can talk to your friends to help you out. Don’t let the pain weigh on you so heavily. Expose yourself to different activities that will make you happy. The moment when you are unhappy and you get a chance to do things that makes you feel excited; this will bring your happiness back. I can’t assure that you will get your happiness back quickly, but it will make things easier for you.

Read this carefully, I have talked of having fun. The fun that I recommend you to get yourself involved in are the positives things. We have people who start using drugs to get over heart breaks. This is a negative way of moving on after a break up. The moment you comprise yourself in the use of drugs due to heart break, that’s it, you will be ruining everything about yourself. You will end up being addicted to drugs and you will lose everything in your career that you have been fighting for. You will add a disaster over a disaster. Don’t let anyone convince you that an appropriate way of moving on is by using drugs or drinking alcohol.

It will only help you when you are hi (Stimulated) but when you are low things will even look worse for you. Don’t escape reality by using drugs; face it while sober by this way you will be able to move on.

4. Make new love life resolutions.

There are things that usually come before us after break up. These things are usually visible to you after you have terminated your relationship with your partner. They were so hard to be seen at the moment when you were completely in love with him or her. We all know it’s very hard to see a fault in a person that may result to the break up of your relationship when you are blinded by love. The moment when you break up with your partner these things now becomes clear to you.

These things are usually some part of his or her characters that you have been seeing in him or her even before he/she became your lover. A good example of these character traits is like “mischief” in him or her that you thought it’s cute having such kind of a behavior in the person that you love. Some people want to date people who are violent; thinking that such kind of relationship will be fun without thinking of the consequences that may arise later from that character.

How can making new love life resolutions aid you to move you after break up? The moment when you realize the mistakes you made in your past relationship which were the cause of your break up, you will be aiming to pick someone else with different characters so that to experience the change in your love life. This will help you to move on since it will give you the urge of interacting with different people. Your objective of interaction will be to identify these new behaviors that you want to have in your new lover.

The more you interact with different kind of people the more you keep on forgetting about your past. This will help you to move on even quicker than you have ever imagined.

You can also make new love life resolutions by choosing to date a very different person from the one you had. When these kinds of thoughts occupy your mind you will never have time to think of your heart break thus so easy to move on with your life.

5. Focus on your career.

When you choose to focus on your career you will definitely forget about heart break and move on with your life. We all have things that keep us motivated and give us a reason to move on no matter the tragedies we face in our lives. Embrace these things and focus on them if you really want to get over a break up. Think of the kind of future you want to have. Try hard and think of the beautiful things that you are yet to own in your life. Will you let heart break screw your life up?

Focus on what will make your life successful. People will come and go but your life will forever remain intact with you. If you will let your life walk away due to the heart break you face today, then you will never have anything to fight for in the future.

If you place your career at the fore front you will never have to worry about heart break. In fact this will motivate you to work even harder for your future hence a very effective way to move after break up.

To conclude, these are only few of the ways in which they will help you to move on after break up. I can’t promise you that these ways will work out for everyone. People are different. We all have different factors that drive us. We can use these factors to get over our break ups. Some will decide to devote themselves spiritual in their religions. This is also an effective way of getting over a break up. Try all the positive ways you know, eventually you will find your piece of mind. Don’t let your past haunt you, focus on what is coming not what you have left behind. Do this and thank me later. Kindly, share this article with your friends and family. We all need knowledge to be on the brighter side. Sharing is caring!
Do you think it’s hard to get over a break up with these ways I have outlined for you?

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