One of the biggest causes of business failures is the lack of a positive attitude. I have a friend who is always struggling as a self-employed sale person. Whenever I talk to her and ask how she is doing, she tells me what a horrible day she is having. I bet her continual financial woes would improve if she just improved her attitude.

People seem to enjoy sharing their war stories more than their success, but these same people are not getting rich either. If you want to create wealth, you must have a positive attitude.

Many things happen to each of us every day---some are good and some are bad. You always have a choice as to which ones you put most of your attention on. When you focus on the positive, your attitude transforms you into a magnet for favorable people, places, and things to come to you. After all, wouldn’t you be more likely to want to help someone who is cheerful and happy than someone who is complaining and moody? Well so would everyone else.

Let’s look at 5 quick ways you can create a positive attitude.
1) Imagine a secret
2) Say, “I’m having a great day!”
3) Take a break
4) Write a grateful list
5) Write your own script

Imagine a secret
Here’s something you can do right now to create an ongoing positive attitude. Imagine that you have a secret---the secret is that you are going to be very wealthy. How would you act if this comes true? Here are some ideas:
• Smile a lot, and greet others cheerfully.
• Feel good about your life.
• Feel more compassion for others less fortunate.
• Feel relief that you no longer have to worry about money.
• Feel proud that you have become a great success.

Say, “I’m having a great day!”
What kind of difference would my self-employed friend make in her life if she started telling me that she was having a great day instead of a horrible day?

This is a simple way to have an on-going positive attitude. Just say, “I’m having a great day” when you get up in the morning and throughout the day. When you do this, you will start noticing things that occur during the day to substantiate the notion that you are having a great day. Your attention stays more focused on the positive, which keeps your attitude positive. It will have a snowball effect, too, because as you maintain that positive attitude, you will attract more and more occurrences to make it a great day.

Take a break
Sometimes the only thing that helps you keep a positive attitude is to take a break. When I worked in a stressful office, one of my co-workers and I would go out of the office onto the nearby trail and take a 15-minute walk. I couldn’t believe how well it took the pressure off us. When we reentered the office, we were refreshed, invigorated and ready to tackle the problems that needed to be solved that day.

Taking a break clears the mind and if you can take a walk in nature, it will fill you with renewed vigor and inspiration. Nature is always inspiring!

When things get overwhelming, taking a break changes your environment so you can stay in a positive frame of mind.

Write a grateful list
One of the best ways to focus on the positive is to make a list of all the positive things in your life and then express your gratitude for them. When you are feeling grateful, your mind is always positive.

Keep a notebook handy so you can add to your list whenever you think of something else that you are grateful for. Then read the list every day and feel your gratitude. Gratitude fills your mind with joy---the best positive emotion by far!

Write your own script
How would you like to write the script for your life? Well, a mini-version of that is to write out a script of how you want a particular situation in your life to be.

Take any difficulty you are experiencing and write out what you want to happen in the present tense such as,

“I am doing a presentaion. I am presenting my material with confidence and my audience is attentive and sees the value of my offerings. At the end of my presentation, I am making many sales. Everything is working out perfectly.”

Then whenever your mind starts going negative on you about that situation, you whip out your script and read it to yourself (or out loud if you can).
This is another way to keep yourself in a positive mode of thinking.

Creating a positive attitude is one thing but maintaining it is quite another. You have discovered five ways to maintain that positive attitude, which include: imagining a secret, saying, “I’m having a great day,” taking a break, writing a grateful list, and writing your own script. Keeping your attitude positive will dramatically improve the odds of your business being successful.

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