We cannot ignore the plight of today’s world when we see sky-rocketed school fees being paid by the parents. There are several reasons due to which the parents have become helpless and are left with only option to save the future of their children which is paying the high expensive fees to the schools which have actually created a monopoly. Though we cannot deny that these high-class schools provide lots of opportunities to the enrolled students, be it their overall personality development or be it their mental level growth, but we should remember that this all comes with a price.

Let us ponder each fact in detail and try to figure out the reasons behind this scenario:

1. Business Opportunity – Major schools are being established today just to seek money from the helpless parents. In order to get more money in the form of fees, they bully children. Even the parents also think that only after admitting their kids in such high-standard schools, they will have a brighter future. But schools view this as their business opportunity in the hopes of these parents since schools knew that parents would pay whatever the schools would ask them to pay.

2. Advanced Technology and Gadgets – The schools demand high expensive fees in the name of new and advanced technology being used in their classes. Be it the latest projectors or be it the new installed audio-video system in their school, they lure not only the parents but also the students to take admissions in their schools at any cost to build bright future.

3. Extra-curricular Activities – These activities have actually played a vital role in the inflated school fees. Involving the kids in activities like horse riding or swimming or even pop art classes come with a heavy price. Though these activities are mandatory for child’s overall development not everyone is able to afford such extra classes.

4. Overly Displayed Facilities – Sometimes the schools showcase their normal yet so general facilities as overly displayed like an excellent hygienic canteen, lavish playgrounds, funded junior research programs, well-equipped labs and what not! They try to use the best adjectives for themselves to bring them into the limelight and become the center of the attraction.

5. Low Quality of Government Schools – Another major reason for the parents to migrate their children to private schools is the low quality being provided in the government schools. There was once a time when students from government schools aced the state level board examinations but now due to a scarcity of teachers (since teachers are migrating to private schools for higher salaries) the quality of education has also degraded a lot. There are no quality checks in government schools now and this is the main reason why parents also think to save their kids’ future from such schools. And henceforth, are left only in one option in hand and that is to arrange school fees for the expensive schools somehow.

Now, it is up to us to whether enroll our kids in such high-status schools only to avail them extra facilities or just in normal schools where a study is a prior-most concern for their future career growth.

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