5 Reasons Compel Us to Seek Natural Therapy for Hepatitis C

Most all health experts would agree that the science of health care for the body breaks down into two distinct categories; Structure and Function. If there is an accident where bones are broken in an individual, the very best treatment to repair the structure is the Emergency Room of any hospital. When it comes to structural care of the body, conventional medicine is the leader for the best recovery.

When it comes to the disruption of function, as in degenerative diseases, conventional care will very often use invasive and harmful remedies; whether it is radiation or drug or chemo therapy to name just a few. These procedures harm the body and doctors are warned to be limited with their use to avoid legal liability complications due to the side effects of the harm caused to the patient. Many degenerative conditions never reverse, the body does not heal and questions remain whether the patient died from the disease or the side effects of drugs.

One of the first things people are wary of with medical therapy when they are sick in a functional way is the side effects of the medications. Viagra is a drug to treat sexual dysfunction in men, however it warns “possible blindness could occur from misuse of this product”. Its warnings like this that make savvy citizens concerned. News headlines abound about law suits of drug side effects, so savvy people “take the least amount of pharmaceutical products possible.”

Moreover, it is so evident in our culture, that there are jokes going around like “Aunt Betsy is on so many meds she does not even know who I am!” In that particular case when Aunt Betsy got angry and through away all her medicines, she not only recognized everyone, but she had plenty of energy and was no longer bed ridden. The American public is starting to make other choices for health care, because if there is one aspect of the American Spirit that always holds true; is if they get frustrated, they will find an innovative way to do something better, and there is nothing more frustrating than having too many medical bills for a treatment that did not work.

In today’s economic climate it is difficult for most people to get modern health care. In many cases wives or husbands are keeping a job that they really don’t like or get enough pay, simply because their job offers good insurance for health coverage of their family. To buy the insurance separately is not affordable and most households have often gone broke from medical bills that were just too high even with insurance.
On June 2, 2009, Yahoo.com published an article from Reuters that highlights this tragic fact. In that article “Medical bills underlie 60% of U.S. bankruptcies: study”, 62.1 percent of all bankruptcies in 2007 were caused by medical bills that are past due. Another astonishing fact is “most of these medical debtors were well-educated and owned homes and had middle-class occupations”. One of the researchers in the study said it does not offer the average American much hope for coverage. Many families have turned to Natural Therapy because it is affordable.

Your Own Healing
Hippocrates is more closely followed in holistic healing programs like naturopathy; the theme is “do no harm” and “educate the client about the therapy”. The results can be spectacular. One of the reasons is the client is directly engaged in their own recovery and when they have healing breakthroughs, they feel a sense of accomplishment, which in turn raises their self esteem; solidifying another crucial part of the healing process---reversing the damaging psycho somatic influence that low esteem can bring into a renewed state of well being and confidence. Feeling good=good health. This serves a very critical link for their healing, because in the process of learning as they grow in natural health knowledge, they in turn are more readily able to help themselves when illness strikes, therefore the cost of functional healing long term is lowered.

The client that is involved in their healing of function naturally as time goes on will not have to call the doctor or go to the hospital whenever they get sick. Because they are further along with their own knowledge and abilities; they learn more about herbs and how foods can be medicine. They may not always have the answers and when they do visit their Natural Health Practitioner they get deeper help and assistance. Over a longer period, when function is restored, the consultations become less frequent, costs long term are lowered; but when the consultations do take place it becomes a one on one class room for learning about healing. This support continues to raise the confidence of the individual so fear is further diminished and well being in the family unit prevails. Some may say, who in the world do this kind of healing? You would be surprised!

Personal Triumph
It is interesting to note, that the Royal Family in England only use Homeopathy. Of course! they have a different lifestyle than anyone, but more to the point, these Homeopathic medications are the most harmless on the planet, but this family could afford any kind of care in the world, yet they choose natural therapy and homeopathy. Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth never take pharmaceutical drugs. Could it be because they are directly involved with their Homeopathic Doctors who educate them over the years, and in this case over generations; that they are directly involved in their own healing. Queen Mum, Elizabeth’s mother lived to 101 years. She still rode horses in her golden years. None of us are royalty, but we do have choices.

Hippocrates said, “do no harm”, like the Windsor family, let us make the savvy choice in our functional healing and “do no harm to our bodies”. This is one example, of one family of how natural healing works, there are many more in this country and the world. Natural healing in this way, will work over a period of time to keep body function in check. As you get on in years, your wisdom of this grows, and it becomes a daily personal triumph.

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Because of my extensive experience growing up in my father's medical clinic and my work as a chairman of an analysis laboratory, combined with my professional expertise in the nutritional and whole food supplement industry for over 24 years, I have accumulated a reasonable understanding of nutrition and healing for the human body. My natural & complete recovery from Hepatitis A, B and C has brought me into particular focus to develop good liver health. My goal is to help the world achieve healthy livers. I am the only Hepatitis A, B and C TRUE Recovery Pioneer, free of the virus and antibodies for over 17 years. My book Hepatitis C, CURED tells my healing journey and is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.