You’re probably using Facebook ads—and if you’re not, why not?

With over two billion active users, Facebook’s the largest resource of interested eyeballs you can reach out to except for maybe Google—and Google’s good for different things than Facebook is.

If you’re not reaching out to the massive number of users on the Facebook platform and letting Facebook ads work for your business, you are literally taking money out of your pocket.

The fact is, your business could be benefiting from this advertising right now. You can start tomorrow—and you’ll be seeing results soon. You can make 2019 the year that Facebook works for you, not the other way around. How can it help? Let’s break it down.

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1) Easy Segmentation

Facebook’s best tool for businesses is its fine-grained control of segmentation, allowing you to target your advertising and posts to a very specific audience. It’s easy to use, with a set of tools that anyone can understand.

With the level of control you can get over demographics and immediate feedback on the size of the audience you’re reaching, you can tailor your advertising to a very specific segment without much difficulty.

That matters. 71 percent of users prefer personalized ads. With better control over who sees what you’re putting up, you can make sure you’re not serving to users who won’t convert. That means more money in your pocket.

2) Easy Re-Engagement

Abandoned carts and bounced visitors are a problem every business deals with—78 percent of carts get abandoned partway through the process.

You don’t have to lose those people.

Facebook’s remarketing (which isn’t affected by ad blockers the same way that other networks are) makes it easy to retarget people who were on your website, allowing you to keep touching them with handcrafted offers.

Remarketed customers are three times more likely to click on your ad and four times as likely to convert. Don’t miss out on them by ignoring Facebook’s value as a remarketing tool.

3) Lookalike Audiences

Facebook’s cost per click can be lower than a lot of other platforms, and one of the reasons why is Lookalike Audiences.

Lookalike Audiences let you take a list of people that already exists—either from pixel data, app data or fans of your Page—and find others who are similar to them. As you can imagine, this has tremendous implications for growing your reach.

When you can touch people that have similar interests and flags in Facebook’s algorithms, you stand a much higher chance of getting them interested than you would a completely cold audience. You already know they’re somewhat prequalified, which makes them a far more valuable marketing opportunity than they’d otherwise be.

4) Easily-Understood Metrics

Facebook’s Ad Manager has a ton of different statistics and feedback you can pull from, but it’s not hard to actually translate into common language.

Relevance Score is perhaps the best synthesis of this. In one glance, you can tell how effective your ad is likely to be, as it’s boiled down into a single-number metric that shows you what sort of match you have with your target audience.

That allows you to tailor your ad or your audience far more effectively. Tired of sifting through a thousand numbers to figure out what the most important thing is? Don’t worry about it any more. You don’t need to. Just build the most effective ad.

5) Lower Cost Per Click

This comes from all the points that have gone before. There’s a caveat to this: if you use it effectively, Facebook can have a lower cost per click than other platforms.


Because it’s easier to target, retarget, and build matched audiences with, and it has a massive user base that you can draw from. All those things combined mean that if you’re doing your segmentation and your advertising strategy correctly, you’re going to win big on overall cost.

If you’re not, you might never notice a difference. And many small businesses fall into that category. You might have to consider hiring out the work if you’re not good at it yourself, or not seeing the results you’d like. But to be blunt—given the size of the audience and the power of the tools, if you’re not getting results, it’s probably the way you’re using them.

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising tools in human history.

With its massive user base, it allows you to reach people all around the globe easily. With its segmentation tools, you can make sure that your advertising only reaches the eyes it needs to. With its matched audiences, you can spread your net wider than ever before without losing the segmentation that makes you effective. With easy metrics, it’s able to be understood by the layman, not just the expert.

And if done correctly, you’ll save your business money. What’s not to like? Win 2019 with an effective Facebook advertising strategy. Your brand will thank you.

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