Blogging itself is not very difficult however many blogs fail due to a number of reasons! As much as many bloggers want to blame outside factors, their failure can often be found rooted in their own personal attributes!

Let's look at 5 common reasons blog success tends to elude so many and why personal attributes can often be the blame!

Lack of Time

Do people who quit blogging 'really' lack the time or are they simply poor time managers or lack a strong commitment? Quite often if our 'commitment' to something is NOT all that strong we will find reasons to as to why we should quit! Achieving blog success is something that ONLY comes over time and with a consistent effort! Results in the form of traffic or loyal readers are very slow to develop initially thereby increasing the frustration while decreasing any enthusiasm or motivation the blogger may have! More times than not this results in aspiring bloggers becoming convinced they don't have the time to invest!

Lack of Interest

When you choose a topic or theme to blog about it MUST be something you have an interest in and NOT some whimsical choice you'll quickly abandon! One of the most important and critical assets any blogger can have is a genuine passion for the topic they write about! Selecting the subject upon which you base blog is something that requires careful consideration on your part! One guarantee you'll never experience blog success is by choosing a topic you have little or limited interest in since this will quickly dissolve your enthusiasm!

Shortage of Writing Ideas

When you lack the necessary passion for the subject you write about your curiosity or lack thereof limits your research efforts! Without having the 'thirst' for more and/or new information you therefore tend to quickly run out of ideas you can further develop and post to your site! Although many bloggers have found great success focusing on topics they happen to be well experienced in, others find success focusing on a subject they want to learn more about! The latter therefore is able to share what they learned and provided they continue doing research they'll continue to have new ideas they can develop and post!

No Traffic

As mentioned earlier building traffic is a crucial step towards experiencing any degree of blog success but it does take time and patience! Quite possibly 'patience' may be the most important of all personal attributes you will need to succeed when blogging! People today have grown more accustom to having their 'wishes' granted immediately and this feeling of instant gratification really diminishes their patience! This of course sets the stage for them to become quickly frustrated and discouraged with the results they get thus compelling them to quit!

Focus Is Weak

Every blogger must possess a keen focus to keep them motivated as well as keeping what they write about on track with the theme of the site! People for various reasons tend to lose focus on what they're doing and this usually results in them being less productive! When blogging, be clear that you WILL be facing plenty of competition and if you allow your productivity to drop, it will take you that much longer to be successful! Consider the effort it takes to roll a sizable boulder up a hill and what happens once you stop pushing the boulder! You end up losing much if not all the ground you have already gained thereby rendering your previous efforts useless! Well the same applies when blogging, the less intensive your efforts may be the longer it takes for you to actually reach blog success! In most cases the longer the process, the more incline people are to quit before the process actually yields the results they want!

Blogs fail for many reasons but in most cases the causes can be tracked back to the personal attributes of the individual blogger! Blogging although not difficult does take time, patience and a willingness to work! Investing of yourself in these ways, consistently, is the only way you can expect to experience blog success! Of course if for whatever reason you choose NOT to make the effort, than understand it is a choice, yours, and not some insurmountable obstacles blocking your path to blog success!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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